Final Fantasy X HD: Original vs Remaster Screenshot Comparison

GC: "This screenshot comparison shows how much effort the company has put on these remasters."

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Snookies122063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Lol, I was literally just thinking of posting something like this after grabbing both pics.

I'm loving how much of an improvement they did to his face and hair though.

Reibooi2063d ago

in general it looks like the faces and hair are much more detailed. Lulu in particular has much more detail in her hair.

Blaze9292063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

indeed...Lulu has much more detail in her chest.

Snookies122063d ago

@Blaze929 - To be fair, her chest is the first thing your eyes are drawn to when she's on screen... It's just... Right there in your face... Kind of hard not to notice lol.

wishingW3L2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

True. I thought it was just the bump in resolution that made the details more apparent but now seeing this side by side there are detail that are totally missing from the original game. So they did actually updated the models...

I wish that instead of the pointless FFX-2 they would have gave us FF12 instead.

Larry L2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

For me, the most impressive thing shown in these images (aside from just how much work they've put in...because THAT'S the real most impressive thing), is the environments. The environments look to have more work put in than even the character models.

Though I do maintain that for some reason Auron looks better in the original. Obviously not more clean and detailed.....but idk....he just looks better in the original. More bad-ass for whatever reason. But everything else is just top notch. And just the basic stuff has been shown so far, I can't wait to see the enemy, boss and summon model improvements, not to mention just the effects for spells and what-not.

Amazing stuff. I havn't been impressed with Square in a LONG time, but between what they've done with FF14, and now this....and even though I'm not a Kingdom Hearts fan, they seem to have done a good job on that as well......Square seems that they may hove gotten their **** together a bit.

Jag-T10002063d ago

Lulu's breast look so much better in HD. Love the amount of cleavage she shows!

GenericNameHere2063d ago

Lol love the Lulu's breast comments... I also noticed them straight away. They're so detailed and are now rounder!! O____O It looks like I can touch it!

@Larry L
Look at the 2nd screen comparison. The OG PS2 version is darker, while the HD Remake is lighter. Aaron looks the same, but he's now compressed and the new lighting makes him look less intimidating than on the darker lighting (at least for me)

ThanatosDMC2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I want to see a comparison between the Vita and the PS3. Sucks the Vita wont get the bundled X-2.

Square Enix is a lot better at churning out the HD version of PS2 games compared to Crapcom.

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Xaphy2063d ago

getting this for my vita. I love RPGs on my vita.

DragonKnight2063d ago

Isn't it telling how much more attention this gets than anything else SE is doing?

Irishguy952063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

The only thing they're suppose to be redoing are the characters in this though. After that HD upgrade + international version and that's it....I think

Oh never mind, on closer inspection(openign article) they are doing more :)

S-E get a plus for once in the last 5 years. Now for Versus news and release date/

Xaphy2063d ago

the last pic really shows how hard they are working on this. SE still has hope.

solidboss2063d ago

the article says this will cost $40 but doesn't specify if that's the ps3 or vita it safe to assume the price of the vita version will be will be $40? im guessing the ps3 version that comes with x-2 will be $50 then

cr33ping_death2063d ago

Doubt it.... Every hd collection has been 40 mgs hd 3 games, jak and daxter 3 games both 40 :-) maybe vita would be less considering x2 is being sold separately