Quantic Dream has no interest in ending Sony exclusivity, says co-CEO

"As long as we can create the games we want to create, we'll stay with Sony"

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jc485733012d ago

i wonder if they stuck with one console before the ps3, then maybe Indigo Prophecy would've turned out much differently. One of my main complaints with that game is that I feel that it could have been a great looking if they stuck with either ps2 or xbox. spend more time and resources improving on the game.

stuna13011d ago

If it's anything it's the freedom they recieve, most second parties have commented on the fact that Sony allows them to do what they want to do for the most part.

jc485733011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

which is a good thing imo. I really tried getting into Indigo Prophecy, but seeing how they've gone so far on the ps console, I just don't feel attached to Indigo Prophecy as you can obviously tell they were probably limited by technology. It's rather odd for me to say that a company is limited by technology when we already had other developers disprove to us that there are always ways to overcome that. It often amazes me what some developers/programmers can do to make it seem like the ps2 still has some juice left. It's the magic, but QD didn't really have it then. Not saying Indigo Prophecy is a bad looking game, but it could've been better.

Thatguy-3103011d ago

Seems like they want to get purchased by Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if they do once Beyond two souls releases. They are honestly something Sony should have under there roof just like the likes of Media Molecule and Naughty Dog

DarkBlood3011d ago

well its obvious they arent sticking around for any other platform except sony so seeing the dedication here and knowing they wont develop anywhere else isnt it cheaper to just have them be second party?

MikeMyers3011d ago

Sony has proven with games like Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet that they are willing to take risks. It's a good partnership for both parties because Quantic Dream doesn't have to worry as much about the funding and Sony knows they will get the attention of it being exclusive.

However Sony will still run it's content as a business which is why they pushed the Playstation Move into Heavy Rain instead of the DLC.

I sure hope this upcoming generation takes more risks. Both Beyond and The Last of Us are great ways to end the current generation.

MYSTERIO3603011d ago

I sure hope we see an indigo prophecy 2 on the PS4 or an new project like an Kara game.

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starchild3011d ago

Dang, I would love to play their games on the PC. Oh well, I have a PS3 and I will also get a PS4, so I guess Im covered.

GribbleGrunger3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Trust me, you WILL eventually be able to play their PS games on your PC ... Think Gaikai. I know I'm going to get disagrees but I actually 'listened' to the conference and 'read' all the articles about what the Gaikai buyout was about, prior to the conference. Plus I added a little thinking of my own. Don't expect it for a very long time though ... at least not the brand new games.

paddystan3012d ago

I keep seeing developers are praising Sony for how much freedom and creativity Sony gives them. That's really good.

Gonna pre-order beyond myself when the game get's an release date. Loved Heavy Rain.

I also think it will sell more than Heavy Rain since Quantic Dream has gotten more known after Heavy Rain.

Ezz20133012d ago

one of the reasons why sony is the best for me
because they give the 1st/2nd party developers all freedom and creativity they need

AnotherProGamer3012d ago

I think thats why they want to stay with Sony because other publishers won't give them that much creative freedom as they got with Sony.

paddystan3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

And there it was pre-ordered. Can't wait!

DigitalRaptor3012d ago

Good news. that acquisition is creeping ever closer.

SnakeCQC3011d ago

i wish they would release their games on steam even if it is a while after its released on a sony console(it would get 2 purchases from me)

GenericNameHere3011d ago

I know everyone wants a game from a competitor console to come to their own console of choice, but really, consoles have their own demographics, and certain games are only available on certain consoles. I'm gonna give a bad analogy. Consoles can be certain TV channels. The Wii is stereotyped as a kiddie console, the Xbox 360 as a loud console, and the PS3 as a classy console. If we were to go by these stereotypes, the Wii would be Boomerang (old reruns of cartoons, but they are STILL some of the best cartoons ever), the Xbox 360 would be something like MTV where, and the PS3 would be something like HBO or any channel that's dedicated to Award-Winning movies. Now tell me, would cartoons fit in a channel that's dedicated to movies that are meant to be taken seriously? Would children WATCH Casablanca over Top Cat, The Flinstones, or Dexter's Lab? Probably only those nerdy-nerds and with really strict parents would probably watch it.

If you wanna play it, you either gotta buy a PS3 (which you probably can afford if you able to spend several hundreds of dollars every year upgrading your PC), or wait several years before a perfectly working PS3 emu is available on PC (which I don't support).

SnakeCQC3011d ago

i have a ps3 and am a console gamer first but like the option of pushing the resolution imho many games like heavy rain infamous 2 god of war would look soooooo much better in 1080p

dafegamer3011d ago

Sony should just buy them already, they're no doubt a talented studio

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