Surfer Girl: Ready At Dawn, new Warhammer game

Surfer Girl says that Ready At Dawn's first original intellectual property is multiplatform, Concrete Games worked on a open-world title, THQ Studio Australia's third-person action title is based off Warhammer, and N-Space is no longer Nintendo's Floridian inamorata.

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butterfinger3963d ago

Surfer Girl articles. She usually has no useful information for us, and half the time her predictions never come to fruition.

doodle3963d ago

why is BS surfer girl rumours get posted?

all her predictions about GDC were false except GEars 2.

However Gamesblow and OXM already predicted before here that Gears would be shown at GDC

Killzone 2 -- not shown
Motorstorm 2 -- not shown

Alan wake --not shown

all her rumours were FALSE

People still post that BS girl crap at N4G???

DarkSniper3963d ago

Where is Gamesblow?


ry-guy3963d ago

Over at his now private (so no one can mock him) Myspace blog.

Gamesblow and SurferGirl are both equally inept at providing "insider" information.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33963d ago

Maybe she'll DROWN one day!!! ;-D
(Cue JAWS music!!!) ;-D


stop posting surfergirl-news! :/