Call of Duty 3 Hands On Preview

In continuing Planet Xbox 360's Activision feature let's talk about Call of Duty 3. Last week we got the chance to go inside Activision and get some major time with the next version of the best selling Call of Duty franchise.

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TheMART5888d ago

"I got lucky enough to play both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 version and if it came down to one console or the other for me, the Xbox 360 wins hands down (graphics were even). Why you ask? The controls just feel right on the 360, personally I never thought the Playstation controller was made for FPS style games and this belief couldn’t be more correct with COD3. "

And that's all we need to know. FPS belongs on 360

Antan5888d ago (Edited 5888d ago )

LOL! You are a sad individual indeed, every slight drop of negativity towards Sony (and cue the "you must be a fanb...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz& quot ;), you post and bash! get over it! get out a bit more! get a girlfriend or something! Do you honestly think you are going to change people`s opinions on these kind of storys? Though you have got your "information" from a 360 site, so it must be true! For the Sony peeps on here, isnt it good to know a 2nd gen 360 game looks nigh on the same as a 1st gen PS3 game? Here`s a something useful on this site, i know it`s dificult for you obviously, but try non the-less! Still bothers me why lovers of games can`t embrace every piece of technology available to them today!

And thats all we need to know. FPS belongs on PC

assjacket5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

A first gen Ps3 game should look as good as a second gen 360 game. It has taken a whole freaking year since the 360 release for Sony to finally catch up, except in Europe where they will still be waiting. For the price, the hype and the year of waiting, the Ps3 should blow the 360 out of the water. If BluRay ever takes off, which I highly doubt, and Sony gets some exclusive games that I just have to play and when the price drops buy $150 bucks then I'll consider buying one. Just pointing and clicking on something to shoot it is lame. Using a controller for FPS's requires skill and practice, a mouse and keyboard requires eye sight and the ability to click a mouse button.

General5887d ago

Nope its true, The Xbox controller is perfect for FPS games, I have both PS2 And Xbox and The Xbox wins hands down, The Playstation controller is to small.

joemutt5887d ago

Not to get in a big argument over games and system specs or anything, but my opinion is for FPS a 360 controller is the best thing.