Why A Lack Of GTA 5 Info Is A Good Thing

Rockstar today gave the reasons behind the lack of information being released about GTA 5, HeyUGuys Gaming take a look at why this is a good thing.

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MariaHelFutura2087d ago

I don't mind. Not hearing about something is better than it being overhyped for months leading up to it's release. R* is very smart in that regard.

unchartedxplorer2087d ago

I love a lack of info. Gives me a lot of surprises when I play the game firsthand

spike2087d ago

I just wanna know if it is coming out for the PS4, and if it is gonna use a health bar or is it gonna be like Red Dead Redemption.

Jakens2086d ago

re-gen health seems to be a hot topic.

Zha1tan2086d ago

It is better to wait for a games release and have it surprise you than to read up about it, look at preivews/reviews and spoil it for yourself.

I remember back when times were simple, I walked into a game store and seen this cover....

I decided to pick it up purely based on it's cover and I never regret it as that game was so awesome.