Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD Remaster Screenshots

First look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy X-HD for the PS3 and PS Vita.

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Hellsvacancy2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Im really excited to play this again, I can see the platinum being rather challenging, maybe not challenging but time consuming

*Acquire All Creatures For The Monster Arena*

I could never master the water football game they play, I was rather young though, hopefully ill be able to make more sense of it 10 years later

Doubt Ill bother with X2, only ever played it for an hour, all I remember doing was swapping clothes in battle, wasnt for me

Nerdmaster2037d ago

It would be strange changing jobs and keeping the same clothes.

Snookies122037d ago

Yeah, but the way they went about it in X-2 was way too flashy lol.

Reibooi2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I understood the whole costume thing but it was overly flashy for no reason.

X-2 is a real shame because the 2nd half of the game has a great story and is certainly worth playing. But the first half of the game is this Charlies Angels garbage that should have never been in the game. The tone shift from X to X-2 was jarring and that peppy pop tone goes away completely after the half way point of the story and gets pretty good but alot of people could not hold out that long.

Thantalas2037d ago

I love the screenshots. It makes me miss a good RPG adventure you can put you heart into. But I would really love to see Final Fantasy XII HD. I played some of it on a UK launch PS3 although there were stuttering problems with the FMV so I never got around to finishing it. But I loved the world and the characters and Fran.

limewax2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Agreed, FFXII is an overlooked gem. Sure it didn't really have the typical FF story, it may have even been a little bit weaker than most FF stories due to the inclusion of Vaan.

But man that game had a hell of a world, I spent 140 hours traversing the lands of Ivalice, felling every hunt target and claiming every single weapon in the game. Even hitting lv 99 with all characters.

You know what? I'd do it all again if they released it in HD with trophies and I'd love every second of it

CLOUD19832037d ago

Agree about X-2 this game was the mark of doom for the whole FF franchise it was back then that the company go downhill & never make a comeback to the good old days since, who could have though that X-2 was just the start of the many more failures that follow after.

But the fail was guarantee with X-2 because it have something different from FFX on the cover, the SQUARESOFT logo was not there & something disgusting have take it's place something that every1 would learn to hate more & more with every new FF game after FFX, this hated "thing" was the SQUARE ENIX logo.

abzdine2037d ago

i hope this collection will make it to PS4 as well and it will be in 3D on PS3/PS4.

skyrimer2037d ago

It really is going to be 3d compatible?

BitbyDeath2036d ago

The entire PS1, PS2 and PS3 back catalogue is supposed to be available to play on PS4 so providing those promises are kept you should be able to find it.

FamilyGuy2037d ago

Those screen shots just reminded me of dodging 200 lightning bolts -_- was Lulu's weapon even worth it?

0:00 time placement of the Chocobo race was fun though and when Tidus learns his final attack he gets a matching move for bltzball that made the game a LOT easier.

Yeah those trophies. The magus sister, yojimbo and anima were all awesome.

shikamaroooo2037d ago

I never got 0:00 time, I spent so many hours trying.

limewax2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

It was quite difficult, but also it wasn't entirely skill based. Since the bird spawns were random and could come in large waves that section was pretty luck based.

I remember finding a trick though, it was good to stick right for the first half of the race, then as you cross middle of the Calms Lands it was best to shift over to the left a bit more. This worked for me pretty well provided you got the right bird and balloon spawn points.

TongkatAli2037d ago

I went through hell getting Tidus ultimate weapon. That damn chocobo kept beating me. I wanted to kill it and eat it after finally beating it, good times : D

uuaschbaer2037d ago

"0:00 time placement of the Chocobo race was fun"

"Fun" as in "Crucifixion is a lot of fun!" ?

DragonKnight2037d ago

@FamilyGuy: Are you saying there is a matching Blitz Ace move in Blitzball once you learn it as an Overdrive? Or are you talking about the Jecht Shots 1 and 2?

"0:00 time placement of the Chocobo race was fun."

Fun? If by fun you mean pulling fingernails out with needle nose pliers or putting blood stopper on a huge gash then yeah. I hated that more than anything else in the game including Lulu's and Kimahri's challenges.

FamilyGuy2036d ago

Yeah I think it was Jechts Shot, I got it when I got his final overdrive, the one where he jumps up and kicks the sword. It made scoring in blitzball a breeze.

The chocobo race was fun for me, all those times getting so close and by the end I was able to do it with no problem. I even got the 0:00 time for my younger brother because he was having trouble, and did it on less than 10 tries.

DragonKnight2036d ago

Jecht Shot 1 you can get on the ship to Luca if you hit the right buttons when Tidus tries to do it and his memories of Jecht discouraging him pop up. Jecht Shot 2 (which takes out 3 players instead of the 2 from Jecht Shot 1 and ends in an invisible shot) can be obtained as a Blitzball reward.

But yeah, I love this game. LOL.

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NatureOfLogic2037d ago

This will be the first HD remaster I purchase, Square Enix finally giving the fans what they've been asking for.

FamilyGuy2036d ago

Same here, I'm really looking forward to this. I have yet to buy any other HD remasters/PS2 ports of any game but I'm getting this day 1.

I just hope the PS4 and it's games don't make me forget about it, considering the time frame it's set to release.

Myst-Vearn2037d ago

it has been a long time since I was so excited for a FF game and it is not even a new title

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