'Condemned 2: Bloodshot' (PS3) Gets Delayed A Week

SEGA's Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a first-person action thriller immersing players in a world of psychological terror, featuring all-new fighting mechanics and online multiplayer functionality. While the X360 version will ship today, the PS3 edition faced duplication issues and has been pushed back a week.

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mighty_douche3969d ago

This is a travesty!! A week!! Everyone better act like this is the end of the world!

This is waiting blah blah blah......

Seriously though, as i had to play the previous one on my friends 360 I'm more than happy to wait a week for this.

Lifendz3969d ago

and it was significantly more than a week. I think I waited like 6 months plus to get the game on PS3 when it was supposed to be a launch game. I'll gladly wait a week to rent this game.

Blackmoses3969d ago

"FLAME ON!!!!"

LOL...the hate will commence.

THWIP3969d ago

Um, the Human Torch was Johnny STORM, not FLAME. :o

Blackmoses3969d ago

him too!!!

Sorry don't read comics much...

Rockstar3969d ago

I still have to beat R & C, Uncharted, Assassins creed, buy DMC 4 and beat it then buy this game.

I've got time to wait.

THWIP3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Sounds like a Blu-Ray issue. Never heard of another game having such a problem in the past.

Oh well, it's only fitting, since the 360 is the ONLY reason Condemned 2 even EXISTS. Lead off on the platform that got you here. :)

THWIP3969d ago

...since GTA was a well established franchise...even before the PS2..., and Condemned was a brand new IP....but I get your drift. ;)

spandexxking3969d ago

that sucks. oh well il live its only a week.

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The story is too old to be commented.