The 28 Strangest Games of 2008

Gameplayer writes: "It's often said that the mainstream games industry is pushing quirky games to the edge of extinction. This is a lie. There are more weird and wonderful games than ever before, and they become weirder and more wondrous every year.

To prove the point, we've gathered a list of 28 Strange Games that are due out in 2008. They've all got something different and unique to offer, and all of them are worth checking out…

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mindedone4978d ago

This article would've been better done if it told the consoles in which these games ran...but I wanna buy another psp for patapon.

Amagai Shuusuke4978d ago

It's funny how most strange games
are often really good.

wow4u4978d ago

These are the independant gamers that could bring their games to market with XNA Community program.

The game would be playable on Xbox 360, Windows and Zune (and probably the Danger Inc device that is forthcoming).

Personally, I would love to see Fez.

Palodios4978d ago

There are some reasonable games on the list but... some of the titles were released in 2007, some aren't going to be released until 2009. Games like Echochrome, Noby Noby boy ( from the creator of katamari) and disgaea werent even mentioned.

Palodios4978d ago

Oops, I missed that this is from Australia!

Avto4978d ago

Aquaria was out last year so how is this sh!t "The 28 Strangest Games of 2008"?

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