Lara Croft Could Be Coming Back Sooner Than You Think has found out that Square Enix has just trademarked the title for the next Tomb Raider game!

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Vinc3602063d ago

I'm personally salivating at the idea. Loved the first one, with a couple key improvements this could be a landmark game next-gen!

abzdine2063d ago

they will make one Lara Croft a year and they will kill it sooner than you think just like they did before.
Games that come too soon is never a good sign!

MikeMyers2063d ago

Agreed. A little more puzzle solving that's harder to figure out and larger scale exploration. They did a good job with this one, some of the older games weren't very well done. The controls for one thing are good in this reboot.

Ares84HU2063d ago

Things they need to focus on:

1 - Being that this game is called Tomb Raider it should be about raiding tombs and looking for ancient artifacts.

2 - The main focus should be about puzzle solving, exploration and platforming NOT shooting!!!

3 - Do not make multiplayer in the next one, this one was horrible and it only takes resources away from the single player which should always be the main focus.

AKS2063d ago

I'd like to see a much better balance between shooting and puzzles/ exploration at least.

The area that needs the most improvement is difficulty. It's just way too easy. Also, the tombs tend to be incredibly simplistic and easy to just breeze through. I definitely want to see some considerably larger and more challenging tombs in the next game.

cannon88002063d ago

I just hope they don't rush the game. I hope they put all the time and effort that was put in this recent release. We wouldn't want a "Call of Lara: Modern Croft" kind of game.

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NastyLeftHook02063d ago

good. i like uncharted and tomb raider.

chukamachine2063d ago

Both Uncharted and Tombraider.

Good for adventure type fans, and tps.

Vinc3602063d ago

Yeah, I also love the exploration aspect of it, personally. I want that to be expanded upon in the sequel.

BananaEatingSquid2063d ago

YES! The first one was amazing.

unworthy152063d ago

I just hope this is next-gen

AKS2063d ago

Do you think they would be able to complete and release an entirely new Tomb Raider game before the end of this year? That would also make close to zero sense in terms of business. You have to space sequels out more than a few months apart.

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