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ShugaCane2036d ago

Activision skipping the current gen and letting millions of dollars go ? "No way". You're welcome.

iXenon2036d ago

That's probably the biggest thing, right? Everything he said was like "Alright, yeah, I can see that."

And then he went, "Only PS4, next Xbox and PC". It didn't make any sort of sense

ShugaCane2035d ago

Yeah, it came out of nowhere. And his "from a very reliable source" is as believable as the "based on a true story" you see in movies sometimes.

Qrphe2035d ago

No way this would be an exclusive, that's not how businesses work.

Daver2035d ago

It could kinda make sense, that could make people buy next gen consoles and Activision already invested a lot in next gen probably so it is not really a lost if there is more consoles to sell games for all their games coming.

Crazyglues2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Ok he had me in the beginning, I was agreeing with everything he was saying- I said ok, I can see that, I guess.. -But then he says NEW CONSOLES ONLY... LMAO..

That's when I had to laugh, you really think the biggest money hungry company in the gaming market is going to pass up Millions of dollars on current consoles -and go Nex Gen only... Really ???

I think you have a better chance of Santa Claus coming down the chimney in Nov. with milk and cookies and an autographed copy from SONY of the first PS4 ever made all wrapped up with an extra controller just waiting for you to open it up early and tell everyone what it's like to play on PS4.. :)

||.........___||............ ||

DeadlyFire2035d ago

I call bullshit.

No way in hell Activision wouldn't release this game on every platform it could possibly find.

I am still surprised people think Battlefield 4 won't come to WiiU. If EA hated WiiU then why is Need for Speed: Most Wanted on it?

DFresh2035d ago

Because Need for Speed: Most Wanted isn't the most demanding game graphically compared to Battlefield games.
If it does release on Wii U I hope DICE takes advantage of some of the features that console has to offer.

SDF Repellent2035d ago

No way, that is why 4 studios are needed to make the next COD because they will need to make more versions of the game. There might be some Next gen features that are exclusives to the X720/PS4 but there is no way in god's green earth that they are ignoring 140 million consoles behind. Not as long as Bobby Kotick is still in charged.

mcstorm2035d ago

Nope will not happen. Maybe next year it will only be on the Next gen consoles but the fan base is to big to just drop like that as there is far to much £.

Tei7772035d ago

I would actually respect activision if they did this, the game would have to prove itself worthy of next gen exclusivity. In reality though their love for money says this is NOT HAPPENING!

paul19742035d ago

never in a month of sundays! its a billion doller game on ps36 and wiu/pc! they make even more on dlc and now they are following EA on microtransactions they would not turn away from their customer base and all that cash for 2 consoles that have no install base yet.

I see the next 2 cods remaining on the platforms that are out now as it will take time in this world economy to build numbers on the new consoles wii u, 720 and ps4! it could be we never see as many sales again as we did on wii and ps360 as the world is a different place and with tablets and phones now being an issue too.

What they need to do is bring out a new improved engine and innovate with the game as at present it's a rehash each year in my eyes.

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The story is too old to be commented.