Making games with Steven Spielberg

When Steven Spielberg announced he was entering the video game business many people assumed his first project would be a cinematic, visual-effects laden epic.

But his first game made under a multi-project arrangement with Electronic Arts, called Boom Blox, is a family-friendly puzzler for the Nintendo Wii.

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jvsantos3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Apart from blockbuster giants like Close Encounters, Poltergeist, Jurassic Park, and Saving Private Ryan this guy was also the executive producer for the Animaniacs and The Land Before Time. It comes as no big surprise that he's decided to do family-oriented games instead of the MGS4 or FFXIII type.

Gorgon3962d ago

Not sure about that. He was involved with The Dig and Medal of Honor. And LMNO, his secret game project, doesn't look like its going to a family type of game.