Xbox 360 already dead in Japan, no Xbox 720?

When the Xbox 360 first released in Japan in November 2005 (concurrent with the U.S. release), you could walk into any given Japanese electronics store and find shelves full of unsold units sitting alongside a few returned units for sale at discounted prices. This was despite the fact that the initial price offering for the system was 39,999 yen brand new, approximately equivalent to over $60 cheaper than the U.S. price at the time.

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THWIP3970d ago

A 1/2 million units the software that goes with it..., is a helluva a lot better than least in MS's eyes. There's no doubt that # would be higher, if it weren't for the hardware issues. Americans are a lot more forgiving of things like bad quality products/services than most other countries. :o

ruibing3970d ago

Well MS did buy/fund an entire JRPG studio and buy up a bunch of exclusives for this to happen.

THWIP3970d ago

Has Sony not done the EXACT SAME THING??? Yes...yes they have.

Capt CHAOS3970d ago

Xbox 360 already dead in Japan?, no Xbox 720?

Yeah, it's your opinion but did you notice that it's doing alot better than the original xbox?

decapitator3970d ago

Agreed. Is not dead but it is struggling in terms of sales. End.

mighty_douche3970d ago

I'd be interested to see what percentage of 360 sale's in a japan actually are to japanese people, i wouldnt be surprised if most of them are just westerners living there.

BeaArthur3970d ago

Honestly I don't care if it's dead in Japan I just want them to still produce JRPG's for the rest of us. I figure if it dies in Japan than the JRPG's for the 360 might die as well.

Lifendz3970d ago

and while it may not be as abysmal as the original Xbox, that still doesn't make it a viable endeavor. MS, is it worth the marketing, shipping, etc to do business over there? The Japanese are not jumping in to your system. They want Wiis and PS3s. MS should take that money wasted on trying to sell 360s in Japan and use it to sell a 360 that won't break. And I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm serious.

NewYork2143970d ago

its probably all sales to cheapyd since his keep breaking lol

godofthunder103970d ago

i said it from the start and i will say it american product will never be succesful in japan,hell even 2 writers for a game mag in japan was asked why the 360 just can't seem to sell in japan and they both responded by saying that the japanese people will support a company from japan first because they were taught to support their country first.then they went on to say that the other reason is that the japanese people just don't like to buy products from other countries especially the U.S.

JsonHenry3970d ago

In other news the sky is blue.

socomnick3970d ago

I don't think that completely removing the Xbox consoles from japan is a good Idea. Even if small there is a fan base in Japan it would not be fair to those few loyal Xbox fans for Microsoft to remove its products from that region. The Xbox 360 is doing better than the first xbox it seems that its only a matter of time that Japan will embrace an American Console.

mistertwoturbo3970d ago

The Original XBOX debuted in japan 2 years after the Playstation 2, and we all know how it ended. The XBOX 360 debuted 1 year before Playstation 3 and Wii, and doesn't look all that much better. If the system debuted the same time as the Playstation 3 and Wii, it wouldn't gain any market share. So even with a year headstart, $60 cheaper than the U.S., and a bigger library of games, it still cant manage to put it's feet on the ground in japan.

Japanese people like reliable products, and are very brand loyal. Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi. You won't see the average japanese family go out and buy a Ford Focus, or Chevy Malibu. Something to think about.

Dareaver13970d ago

what are you talking about, do you really think that if the 360 was more reliable, that it would have sold better. You really are delusional if you think that. It doesn't matter. The Japanese are extremely brand loyal. That's it, that sums up the whole argument.

When we all were having our horrible hardware problems with the PS2, do you really think that they weren't suffering the same thing. For goodness sake, there was a Class Action Lawsuit. Let's not even forget that the PS1 had to be put on it's side or completely upside down in order to play.

So what does that track record told you. "Japanese people like reliable products". That statement was so full of crap. Sony doesn't even have a squeaky clean track record with their other tech. TV's (and i used to work at Circuit City, so don't try to tell me otherwise). Let's not forget the exploding battery debacle.

The fact is Japanese people are brand loyal, and hold a very huge bias against a foreign company encroaching on their famed territory. If they were to ever loose ground in their own home country, they would loose face. It will never happen, and i feel 100% comfortable saying that. No foreign game console will penetrate the japanese market. Even if some European based company came out with a super console with 100% reliability. Japanese developers would be pressured to stay away. Their country has too much self love to ever let a foreign entity in.

So let's loose the whole reliability excuse. The 360 was doing poorly before the RROD started taking shape.

I love my 360, and it has RROD'd on me ounce, but i'm now confident that it won't again, and i leave it on until the auto shut-off turns it off. So i don't care, plus i still have 2 years of warranty left. And i absolutely believe that the 360 will never do well in Japan. I think the I-Pod has been the only foreign tech to penetrate, and that's because Japan hasn't really come up with a viable competitor.

Sayai jin3970d ago

@mightydouche- I can tell from experience that the where I lived in Japan there were only a handfull of westerners and most of them did not own 360's. It was the Japanese tht brought most of the 360's where I lived. I can not qoute a nation wide number.

As far as the toopic. I find the part about finding them in abundance on store shelves and many returned for discounted sales. I was in Japan and went to a local Toys R' Us for the launch. I saw about 25% of their stock sale that morning, but there was still plenty left. This was the scene at about 5 other electronic stores with some selling a little higher, but there were still plenty there to buy. Over the next year I barely seen any tht were discounted, so I find that part a little akward.

The 360 is struggling in Japan, plain and simple, like it or not. This can be said with any non Japanese product other than the Ipod, right? What really puzzles me is that so many articles are posted about sales, demos, etc based in Japan. The reason why this puzzles me is that there are a few at best Japanese that log onto this site. When articles about the same topic are based on North America and Europe it makes perfect sense. Becuase most of the N4G members are from these locations.

Vito44343970d ago

I don't think that it is out of bounds to say that Japan generally see americans or american products as inferior. It was an uphill battle the entire time. Maybe if MS put out some hello kitty games it might have had a chance. In the words of Coach Z "Just give me a chance to do a hip hop dance, give me a chance to do a dance."

wow4u3970d ago

Anyone who thinks that is a fool.

MSFT is one of the largest technology firms on the planet, it knows its in for a fight in Japan (as all gaijin products are).

Anyone who thinks that that they arent going to CONTINUE to fight for Japan is a fool.

MADGameR3970d ago

360 STILL has not outsold the original X Box. 24M in 4 years? GOODluck!

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The Wood3970d ago

like the unfortunate victims of war

Lifendz3970d ago

I didn't disagree or agree cuz I didn't know what you meant by that statement. Care to clarify?

The Wood3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

that they went to japan and died but get commended for their bravery when they return home

on the serious side

that they were brave enough to go into a tough environment because of the dominance of the local companies. There were many stigmas MS had to overcome in East Asia so it was always going to be an uphill struggle. MS did well to snag some ps2 exclusives like DMC, and all the rest and even Steal Ace combat 6 (im not sure if its coming to ps3) and were smart to try and get quality rpgs into their library. MS always knew the importance of that area called Japan. I consider it the Centre of the gaming industry like Milan to fashion and France for food n wine. So whether they fail or not they should at least be commended for giving it a go.

Dareaver13970d ago

Finally someone making sense. Great comment The Wood. With competition these console would have never progressed as far as they have come. And people want to dance around like a bunch of neanderthals whenever there is bad news on their (as if they own part of the company) competitors side. Pathetic, childish, and just plain ignorant. Competition is what makes things great. It drives down prices, pushes forth technology, opens up creativity, and it brings the best out of many (won't say all) people.

So let's enjoy our games, and be "Gamers".....

TheMART3970d ago

As long as world wide the 360 is still in the lead, with still 8 mln. in sales ahead of the PS3 and with the new price drop the possibility to reach the mass of people at the 200 Euro/Dollar pricepoint and a Premium for 270 to 299 Euro/Dollar the installed base gets large enough for substantial sales.

A half mln. sold in Japan. It's better then the XBOX 1 but it isn't good. That's for sure. XBOX 360 might become a totally western console, which wouldn't be a bad thing. Wii will dominate Japan anyhow for sure.

Gaara_7243970d ago

here i was thinking it was 6.9/7 mill ahead not 8 u know considering ps3 has passed 11 million 360 still on 17 million odds so thats no 8 million diff is it

ruibing3970d ago

Yeah, not 8 million anymore, you're a couple of month too late. Even 6 million count will be outdated by this summer.

scoobysnacks3970d ago

The 360 is only approx. 7M units lead over the PS3.

The 360 has been on sale for 2 years (actually its about 2.3 years) but lets call it 2 years for simplicity) and its approaching 18M. The PS3 has been on sale for 1 year (yes its been on sale since Nov. 2006 for the USA and Japan, but the rest of the world didn’t get it until end of March 2007, so lets call 1 year), and its approaching 11M.

Now if the PS3 was only keeping pace with the 360 it should be at 50% sales of its direct competitor, but basic mathematics shows, 11 / 18 x 100 = 61%. The PS3 is actually globally out pacing the 360, when comparing 1 year of sales. That’s because even though for most of 2007 in the USA the 360 outsold the PS3, in Europe, Japan, it hasn’t sold so well (especially Japan).

The PS3 is selling reasonably well in all regions now, and the Wii is outselling both MS and Sony globally. MS needed to drop the price in Europe to try and gain on PS3’s strong position their. We need MS in this console race to keep things competitive and give gaming a new age with their excellent and hard to beat xbox live service, its the reliability of the 360 hardware that is letting them down. They really haven’t done well in Japan, so does that mean they wont release a so called “720” 3rd generation xbox in Japan, maybe, maybe not. But, MS really needed to do better in the land of the rising sun.

LaChance3970d ago

They are sellin two times better than the xbox 1 , so because thay are selllin double what they used to and thers a big chance that the 720 sells twice as good as the 360 they are not going to realease the 720 in Japan ? I dont see any logic overhere.

butterfinger3970d ago

what gives you the ability to predict that the 720 will sell double what the 360 sold? You completely spoke out of your a$$ on that one. I guess I'm waiting for the PS3 to sell double what the PS2 did now...

Kleptic3970d ago

some of you guys are unbelievable...the 360 doing 'better' than the original Xbox is beyond funny...while it is true that its selling need to consider the the real picture hovering over all of it...

The original Xbox launched right when the PS2 started to gain speed...and it was pretty much an instant game over worldwide for all competition after that...that was bad EVERYWHERE for the XBox brand, let alone the foreign soil of Japan where it barely had a prayer if it was the only system available...

the 360 launches a year before the PS3 and the Wii this time around...yet only controlled 11% of the market within months of the competition launches...which has since slipped down to 7%...

yeah...thats 7% the electronics business, a 7% market share usually has terms like 'money pit' or 'waste of everyone's time' attatched to say its 'selling better' than the original Xbox...way to spin it I guess...but it needs to sell exponentially better to even be competitive with the other brands...and things are simply looking worse for the 360 in months/years to come...

HD-DVD had a higher market share than 7%...and look what happened...Not sure why its so hard to grasp...and why people try to say 'well its doing so much better than the first Xbox in Japan'...'so much better' is entirely subjective...It has gone from an absolute failure on every level (Xbox 1) an absolute failure on all but one out of 90 levels (360, the one level being it getting out the door first)...