PlayStation Network By The Numbers

Sony don't throw their numbers around as often as the Xbox Live team do, but does that make PlayStation Network numbers any less exciting? Goodness no. So let's proceed.

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THC CELL3964d ago

when home comes out there will be 10 mill + users

TheMART3964d ago

Actually there will be 2 mln. users with 5 account each. It is known that everyone makes multiple accounts also on other continents.

mighty_douche3964d ago

Price cut brought you out of your hole huh dude?

nix3964d ago

good one mighty! q:

HarryEtTubMan3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

The Mart each person only gets ONE MAIN ACCOUNT. They OBVIOUSLY have common sense considering their a billion dollar corporation and not some jealous NOOB XBOT on a website(that NEVER gets ANYTHING he says right for that matter). THEY DONT COUNT SUB ACCOUNTS that made under your one real account.

yes PSN is a very big network too and worldwide.... very close to Xbox Live... and it will pass it before not too long.... PSN is getting everything XBL has and more. There are at least 7-8.5 million online worldwide now. Get over crazy XBOT. Sony even announced there were 5.5 million accounts on PSN back at least years E3 LMAO. THEY DONT COUNT SUB ACCOUNTS under the one main account lol.

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ChrisGTR13964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

the odd thing you gotta think about though.. is how many of those 2.8 million are actually european people that made US accounts just to download demos earlier. cause i know i have US,UK, and JP accounts so i wont miss out on anything. they should be more specific by giving us the # of individual US consoles that have connected online.

Cwalat3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

im pretty sure this isn't a number of how many accounts per console is currently online, so its one account per console,
that means currently 2,8 million PS3 are online in US.
thats, like Chris Eden stated, 50% of all american PS3 owners.

ChrisGTR13964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

LOL i just read it.. this isnt US accounts.. its all accounts world wide.

"Eden said there are currently 2.8 million registered PSN users, and, since Christmas, 100,000 more have joined every week. "

stupid kotaku is changing the original quotes.

cause he also gives a list of the top downloaded things in the UK .
"The list differs slightly for the UK: Tekken 5, Warhawk, Fl0w, Loco Roco, Mortal Kombat 2, Super Rubadub, Calling All Cars, Gripshift, Lemmings, and Super Stardust"

dark loard3964d ago

i think they only go by the main account not the sub accounts

The Wood3964d ago

my US account is a main account. Maybe they do it another way like how some websites would not allow people outside of the US to watch that video the other day even if a proxy was used.

Bazookajoe_833964d ago

That has a psn account and i would believe thats somewhat similar to xbox live..

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