Wiiware: the launch date and the line-up

The platform of Nintendo, Wiiware, similar to the XBLA or to the Playstation Store will thus off-load on 25th March on all Wii's for a world launch. A list of nine games was also revealed.

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DiLeCtioN3970d ago

lets hope they dont keep feeding us old retro games, they should allow people to download gamecube games or small retro games to be played on the DS or even make fresh games.

Goodfella783970d ago

the wii is featured at all on this site, for gods sake its got last gen specs last gen games. it is nt considered nor will it ever be a serious current gen platform, its a cheap alternative for parents to say to there kids ,would u like the new wii? while the parents are silently thinking with crossed skint fingers, please say yes. only half decent in the eyes of a 8 year old or a old coffin dodger who still thinks cd s are too high tech for them.....

SlippyJ3970d ago

I'm just curious if this is really a worldwide launch date because when using the google translation it comes out to say "all Japanese Wii" and that they are expecting a date for Europe and the United States.

Minimee3970d ago

let's hope they're gonna give us some good stuff to play :)

ItsDubC3970d ago

Lookin forward to that Crystal Chronicles WiiWare title.