Interview: Harmonix' Greg LoPiccolo - Leader of the Band

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: Greg LoPiccolo's earned credits for music and sound on classic games such as System Shock and Descent before becoming the project leader on SCEA's Frequency and Amplitude titles. More recently, he was an executive producer on Konami's Karaoke Revolution games and project leader for Guitar Hero.

MTV Networks acquired Harmonix in 2006. The company's latest music/rhythm game, Rock Band, was released last fall.
During the recent GDC in San Francisco, LoPiccolo met with to talk about why it took so long for the genre to catch on in the US, the music industry's response and some of the company's future plans for the new franchise.

Q: Are there any legal restrictions that would prevent you from accessing the users saved music on the Xbox 360 or PS3 hard drives for use in Rock Band?

A: There are issues to work through, but we've had pretty constructive talks with both Microsoft and Sony, both of whom get that and have [user-created games] initiatives that they've announced at this show. Again, we have nothing concrete to talk about at this point, but we are interested in going that direction and first-party appears to be as well. So, I'm hopeful.

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