Tetris Set for Wii Ware

IGN writes:
"Titled simply "Tetris," the Wii Ware version of the original falling blocks puzzler will feature online support, allowing up to six players from around the world to face off. On top of the classic Tetris gameplay, expect Wiimote-based pointer and motion controls and a mode of play where players have to contend with obstacles."

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permutated3969d ago

The only way to recreate tetris on the Wii is the make it accelerometer based.

Just makes sense.

newneto3969d ago

I have the privilege of having a PS3, 360 and Wii. I play 70% PS3 (and raising), 20% 360(and falling) and 10% Wii (and falling). Even my wife is giving up Wii. It´s getting boring.

Nintendo really need to push better software. Tetris? I play on my mobile phone and that's all.

Right now, PS3 is the safer choice for years of gaming.

darkjay60003969d ago

TETRIS a very good thinking game,used to love playing this game.I think alot of people will buy this game,if they only play with their WII alot,but like NEWNETO mentioned above I barely play WII,they have to come up with somewhat more more interesting games or software.Right now all I play with is the PS3.