New Teaser Site, More Than Likely, A New Valkyria Chronicles for PS3 and Vita

Virtual Katz Writes: Today, a new teaser site was introduced by SEGA of Japan, discovered by CVG, which lacks much other than the fact that a new game will be announced on March 28th, a week from today. While there is little information on the site, there is definitely something in the background that, more than likely, gives away what the newest game from the developer will be. Seeing that this is a SEGA of Japan announcement, it does narrow the field a bit, but being that it is a PlayStation Exclusive helps to narrow the field even more. So just how excited can you get for the announcement on the horizon?

In our minds fans will be happier than a sick person letting a clean fart, and that is happy indeed, because the falling powder that appears in the background behind the teaser information is most likely to be the gun powder needed to upgrade your weapons and their abilities throughout the game in Valkryia Chronicles, that first appeared in 2008 on the PlayStation 3.

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r212038d ago

Im really hoping its a new VC. I want more of what I played from Valkyria Chronicle!

dragonyght2038d ago

lol SEGA will be too smart to make a new VC on Ps3 or vita

r212038d ago

If its not a VC game, im going to where SEGA is and talk down the executives!

Panzerkanzler2038d ago

Dear baby jesus, I LOVED Valkyria Chronicles on ps3 and it would be stupidly AWESOME with more of that great game!

SolidDuck2038d ago

Hell ya a new VC would be awesome. I wished I could of played VC2 on psp. If it is a new one I hope they add co op like they did in VC2. Loved the first one.

wishingW3L2038d ago

knowing Sega even if this turns out true you can bet it will be Japan only just like Yakuza 5.

Lindenn2038d ago

Looking at the site today shows a chunk of ground with the sand still falling. Could be the world below the clouds in Skies of Arcadia. If so, im stoked

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The story is too old to be commented.