GameSpy: StarCraft II Preview

GameSpy writes: Give the folks at Blizzard credit for knowing how to build excitement. While the Terrans and the Protoss got to shine at the 2007 announcement of StarCraft II in South Korea and BlizzCon (respectively), the company kept the one truly iconic StarCraft race under wraps. We're speaking, of course, of the Zerg. This world-destroying plague of slavering monstrosities. As GameSpy discovered when we went hands-on with the StarCraft II demo at Blizzard's big "Zerg reveal" event, though, the Zerg are still numerous and cheap, but they're anything but simplistic.

GameSpy's day began at the company's new Irvine, California campus where we were ushered into a small auditorium to see a video presentation revealing the new Zerg. True to form for Blizzard, the presentation did not disappoint. The film was narrated by a female voice (presumably Kerrigan, the Terran/Zerg hybrid who became the chief villain in the Brood War expansion pack for the original StarCraft). In it she reveals how four years earlier the Zerg retreated from the universe for a mysterious unknown purpose. Since then both Terrans and Protoss have almost forgotten the terror they felt at the mere mention of the name Zerg. Now the Zerg are ready to return -- bigger, badder and with more teeth.

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