Final Fantasy’s Lightning Doesn’t Like Sand. It’s Coarse and Rough and Irritating.

Kotaku - Also there are sand dragon things, which are not soft and smooth. The latest batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII Sequel Two: I Guess You Guys Wanted to Play as Lightning shows off the Dead Dunes, a land of dunes and deadness in the world of Nova Chrysalia.

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o-Sunny-o2039d ago

Next stop Lightning in space when will the suffering stop...

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Number-Nine2039d ago

nice short skirt and thong(?) hanging out...

:rolls eyes:

Bimkoblerutso2039d ago

Obviously you know nothing of desert exploration. NEVER leave home without your assless sand chaps...NEVER.

Irishguy952039d ago

No wonder she doesn't like sand ;)

This this and this are awesome

Lightning is so out of proportion head to body
Still would

GenericNameHere2039d ago

This better be the last one. If you're gonna make another one, just make it into a new IP. I still think the Final Fantasy name can regain the prestige title it once had. If it's a new IP, gamers will become happy there's a new IP, or if it fails, it won't tarnish the FF name anymore than it already is.

...but Japanese gamers like Lightning according to polls, so we might see FFXIII-4

wishingW3L2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

what poll is that? Last time I checked they hated the FF13 even more than the westerners. These are some translated comments from 2ch:

“They are still set on continuing this series?”

“Why are they stuck on FF13? Did they run out of money to finance any new titles perhaps?”

“It’s bad enough that 13 was such charmless rubbish, hurry up and come out with 15 already!”

“They need to change the numbering for this series now.”

“Why continue 13 again, it’s not as if the series is even that popular. How about 10-3 instead?”

“I’m surprised she made it off that train without getting caught on the straps.”

“Not sexy and not cool, just who benefits from a stupid design like this”?

“Why is the only unprotected area her crotch?”

-Japan doesn't like FF13 either. No one cares about this game really.

wishingW3L2039d ago

I just want this game to be finished already so we can move on and expect new things for the franchise instead of more Lightning and garbage FF13.

VitaOwner2039d ago

This is good to know, I'm gonna give Gaara a call to take her out once and for all.

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