Deal of the Morning: DualShock 3 for $50

While it might not be much of a deal, Amazon currently has fresh DualShock 3 controllers listed at $50 (pre-order only, of course). From the looks of the webpage, the deal looks permanent, at least, until pre-orders end (MSRP is $54.99). The Sixaxis has been cut down to about $44, so they can assume they're trying to create a hierarchy of controllers. A fiefdom, if they may. Anyway, if you're looking for a DualShock 3 pre-order, this is probably good news for you.

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ruibing3963d ago

Better pre-order it now just in case Amazon decides to raise the price.

Lifendz3963d ago

I don't want to wait for it to get to me. I'd rather just have it the night/day of my purchase.

sonarus3963d ago

I have had a DS3 for a while now. I plan to trade my last sixaxis at Gstop and get a 2nd dualshock when it releases.

AceLuby3963d ago

Because people like you are going to be selling their sixaxis controllers on CL & ebay for so cheap that I'll finally be able to stock pile. Personally, I was glad they got rid of rumble (it was cool in 1997 though) and now that everyone else has a preference FOR it, I can get a ton of non-rumble controllers for CHEAP.

joydestroy3962d ago

@AceLuby, yeah i'm one of those guys. i'm selling two for 50 bucks + shipping. PM me if you want 'em. they're in extremely good condition since i own a X360 and PS3.

got my first DS3 a week ago and just pre-ordered a second one. sweet.

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Guwapo773963d ago

Better pre-order in case they sell out.

level 3603963d ago

Got my DualShock3 for US$45 = AU49 straight from Osaka shipping included here in Sydney...

Same eveything with normal sixaxis - except for very slight weight increase plus DualShock3 logo, am a bit dissapointed Sony did'nt do anything about the ergonomic design aspect of these control pad.

But very thankful they listened to a lot of fans in bringing back "rumble".

Sayai jin3963d ago

Come on a release it already. I am glad they later mentioned in the article that it's really not a good deal. $50 USD for a controller is where it should be. No more no less. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. I will wait until I get MGS4 to get one.

mighty_douche3963d ago

Yeah i think I'm going to wait also! (Unless GTA pushes me over the edge) The game I'm currently playing most is CoD4 which doesn't even support it (yet) so I'm in no rush.

gEnKiE3963d ago

I got me a white DS3 for $57 (including shipping) from ebay. I think the MSRP for them is around $54 so im good for spending what I did for my white one. Do you think they will release the white one over here in the states btw?

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The story is too old to be commented.