StarCraft II: Designing the Zerg - Interview with StarCraft II Lead Designer Dustin Browder

GameSpy writes: We've seen the Terrans and their take on the mighty Thor. We've seen the monolithic Protoss Mothership. Today Blizzard unveiled the final slice of the StarCraft II trifecta with a hands-on demonstration of the Zerg. The Queen of Blades' army is back, and they're poised to infest a Terran base camp near you. We sat down with StarCraft II Lead Designer Dustin Browder to discuss the reimagining of this uniquely alien race.

GameSpy: Did you find that since the Terrans are conceptually limited, you had to limit yourself with the Zerg, since you couldn't come up with a rational counter for the Terrans?

Dustin Browder: No, not yet. The counters are pretty easy in a lot of ways. For the most part, with the controls over cost and health and a lot of factors, the units are the most challenging portion in that respect. The units like a Mothership or a Thor, a unit whose art speaks to a specific set of numbers. If you start to break those numbers you get confused. You can't have a weak Thor. You can't have a Mothership that has very few hit points. It just doesn't work. That's when it starts to get challenging, when you get into art that you all kind of like, and you all can see it work, it constrains the direction you can go.

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