Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Examined

Cam and Martin take a microscope to some brand-new Beyond: Two Souls gameplay. Who is main character Jodie, what is her 'gift,' and how exactly will the game play?

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ArchangelMike2038d ago

I'm really intrigued by this game. I played Heavy Rain and loved it. I'll be watching this one quite intently.

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panbit862037d ago

Amazing studio, amazing games! I just can't wait!!! It looks amazing and the story, acting look AWESOME!

ps3_pwns2037d ago

wow the last of us and beyond two souls are gonna be so good im getting all giddy like i did when i was a little kid who was getting some new games lol. Really cant wait to chill and play these 2 wonderful games that are deep and emotional and both focus on different aspects of gaming. playstation for the win!

FAT MAN GO BOOM2037d ago

This game is looking so Awesome... if I could only play one game this year... this is the game I would want to play...

I can't wait...

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