No Price Cuts for United States... Yet

While this round of Xbox 360 price cuts is limited to Europe, some analysts are saying that gamers in the United States and Australasia could see something similar shortly. It has also been suggested that if Sony decide to lower the price of the Playstation 3, then Microsoft would follow suit to keep the current price difference between the consoles the same.

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Iamback3970d ago

A lot of pressure on Sony. GTA 4 is around the corner, probably biggest franchise for console market, MS did smart thing by cutting price in EU, and if they do same in USA, than Sony is in trouble.

jwatt3970d ago

I really don't think Sony is in trouble nor under pressure from a price cut. They have two great games coming out around the same time, GT prologue and GTA4 plus Haze and MGS4 will be around the corner.

Phil Harrison Mk43970d ago

Most of the PS2 owners(99%) will buy a PS3 soon. Really don't think(&know) this will change things. Nice try Bill

Dlacy13g3970d ago

Aren't you over at Atari now? Didn't you abandon the PS3 and Sony? So why are you still defending them?

As for the price cuts, I think the price cuts will undoubtedly have an effect on Sony and put some pressure on them. What will be interesting to see is how they respond and how much/when MS cuts the US price.

The Lazy One3970d ago

What evidence do you have for that. No mass-consumer base that large is that loyal. You're only lying to yourself.

Mr Playboy3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I think M$ should lower prices near the GTAIV Launch

with Exclusive DLC, and many other games in list for 2008, sales will rise without a doubt

Unfortunately, if $ony didn't move quickly PS3 is Doomed in USA

fenderputty3970d ago

If there's one thing that irritates me more then any is, someone claiming doom of another console. Other then the 360 in Japan, none of the consoles are "doomed" in any of their regions. This will help the 360 sell more in a land that it already sells well in. The PS3 will most likely have a cut at some time as well. With the win of BD and an incoming slew of great games, I don't see how you can claim doom. Remember ... MGS4, GT5, GOW3 and FFXIII are the PS3's biggest games and, they're coming out this year and into early next year.

The Lazy One3970d ago

Though I don't think the PS3 is going to win NA, it won't do badly. I wouldn't say doomed so much as maybe stuck in third place depending on 1.) if M$ does a NA price cut equal to the European one, and 2.) how ready the mass-market is to adopt it. I'm not quite sure how much it will sell with the Wii having been released at a mass market price it might have stolen some thunder.

Of course, the large shortages of the Wii could work to the 360's benefit in NA if there is a price cut, probably stealing a fair amount of what would have been its market.

TheMART3970d ago

Premium 360 for 269 Euro and soonish 269 Dollar

PS3 for 399 Euro

That's pressure there. 130 Euro/Dollar is a lot of money. Its comparable to the 400 Dollar/Euro 360 compared to the 600 Euro/Dollar PS3 in 2007. The PS3 didn't sell so well back then untill they came in the 360 price range with 399 Euro.

Thus again: it's Microsoft dictating here, Sony has two options:

1. Being forced into a quick pricedrop. But already 200 Euro/Dollar cut being 33% of its initial price, how much lower can they drop so soon after?

2. Even if they wait with the pricedrop to... 350 or maybe even 300 Euro, Microsoft is able to cut the price again around Christmas. I bet then MS will do this:

360 Arcade: 149 to 169 Euro/Dollar
360 Premium: 199 to 229 Euro/Dollar
360 Elite: 269 to 289 Euro/Dollar

The price advantage is on Microsofts hand, simply because they started on a lower pricepoint. If Sony had listened to the public when they announced the 600 Euro/Dollar launch price and changed it to about 400 Euro/Dollar before launch they wouldn't have that problem to follow the price dictator.

Mr Playboy3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I totally agree with you in that Mart

the price is very important factor for consumers

wii AKA (last generation console) had the price advantage since the launch

but now it is in M$ hand

IntelligentAj3970d ago

I don't think they should wait for Sony to make a move. The PS3 already has some momentum and it would do the 360 well to do anything to slow or stop that momentum, which would most likely be done through a price cut.

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