1UP Previews: StarCraft II - Zerg rush this preview for some in-depth impressions

1UP writes: It was almost a year ago when we were in South Korea for the big reveal of StarCraft II, the sequel to Blizzard's enormously popular real-time strategy game. It wasn't until a couple months after that event that we finally got a chance to play the game (as seen in our Protoss For A Day feature) a few weeks before their annual BlizzCon event. Today, along with a flock of North American and European media, we finally got our hands on all three races as Blizzard unveiled its updates to StarCraft's Aliens-like race: the Zerg.

Over a few hours of every-man-for-himself-style deathmatches, we took in an assortment of maps, using all three of StarCraft II's races -- the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg -- but concentrated mostly on the Zerg. While our matches playing as the Protoss (still very powerful) and the Terrans (as fussy as ever, with all their space-hogging building requirements) were mostly uneventful (by uneventful we mean we had little problem fending off the competition, including former OPM staffer Thierry Nguyen and GFW editor-in-chief Jeff Green), the real fun was in playing as the slimy alien race that spawned its own entry in the gaming glossary: "Zerging" (or "Zerged" or "Zerg Rush" depending on the situation).

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mirroredderorrim3970d ago

It's gonna be that time again. The time to put coc|<y Koreans in their place! :)
I can't wait for this RTS, and I also want to see if Halo Wars would be the SCII killer I've heard people tell me about!

Scerick3970d ago

Honestly, this game could be garbage and sell 20x more copies than Halo Wars.