Did a Zero Punctuation review force EA to change its ways?

Gameplayer are reporting that the flaws brought up in one of Zero Punctuation's harshest reviews got to the developer, and changes are on the cards.

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Cryos3970d ago

Even though Mr. Cohen has seen the review (and thinks it was funny which says a lot), I highly doubt it was just Yahtzee's review that brought about this change. Mr. Cohen clearly states that after the patches, they hope the game will be re-reviewed, not just by ZP, but by other reviewers. That seems to point to Yahtzee's complaints not being alone.

He is one funny M-Fer. And his reviews are usually spot on.

SlappingOysters3970d ago

his Uncharted review was way off

RealityCheck3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

At 1.1, agreed that his Uncharted review was off because he went on an undeserved tangent. However that is the only misleading review he ever did of all those I saw from him. Nobody's perfect, overall he is the funniest reviewer by far.

KidMakeshift3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Does one of the patches add t!ts to the buildings?

Theo11303970d ago

What if this happened to a console game, people wouldn't get the patches if they didn't have internet. This re-reviewing leads to more lazy game developers to try to put a unfinished game out there, and If a game does deserve to get ripped apart by the reviewers.

Big Jim3970d ago

Yahtzee's reviews are the only ones I trust, and hes very funny, but his constant America bashing is really getting old. Plus, his claim that Uncharted is racist was just ridiculous.

Harry1903970d ago

there's nothing funny in zero punctuation.
it's just mental masturbation.speaking very quicly
and saying bizzare things doesn't make you intelligent
nor gives you any credibility.he is actually surfing on a media wave
thanks to shows like x-play.those kind of stuff can look cool on youtube or daily motion,but should not be taken seriously.what this is is a lack of talent.

FishFingers3970d ago

This guy does not deserve the popularity he has. His reviews would have no merit on paper and rely on the same old "in joke" humour that makes webcomics so lame.

Big Jim3970d ago

Hes the only reviewer around who has the balls to point out all the negatives in popular games like Halo 3 or Mass Effect. Every other reviewer out there is a microsoft whore, who's reviews are bought and paid for. You're probably a fan of Play magazine, where every game gets at least a 9.

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