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GodisaGeek: "It took Luigi twelve years to pick up the hoover again, and the biggest question is why it took so long. An adventure bursting with character, Luigi’s Mansion 2 may not be sanded and polished to perfection like his brother’s best but Luigi does his own thing, at his own pace, and delivers an adventure that doesn’t so much stack up against Mario’s best as stand proud as its own thing."

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silkrevolver2040d ago

I wasn't even excited for this game until the reviews started pouring in.

Looking good!

GodisaGeek2040d ago

There's a line in our review that, when I read it, made me nod. James says that people get upset waiting for new games in the (for example) GTA series, but how long have fans of Luigi's Mansion waited for this.

So pleased it doesn't let us down, too.