Sony Patents method to award trophies based on disc access

GC: "Yeah, we don’t know what’s this about either, but it does sound intriguing."

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ZBlacktt2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

diagram picture is a red x. :(

It's on IGN as well.

Wintersun6162089d ago

That's a different picture than in the article.

ZBlacktt2089d ago

You can see it? Just tried again, yep still red x.

ZoyosJD2089d ago

Probably a connection/server error. It happens occasionally.

Possibly just a more efficient way to trigger trophies. Nothing really special.

Silly gameAr2089d ago

If you're a pretty hardcore trophy hunter and always wanted your older, favorite games to have trophies, I would say this is pretty special.

ZoyosJD2089d ago

I guess so, but it would be annoying for those that sold their old games.

And this would be limited to story and difficulty unless a game already had in game achievements.

I don't mean that this wouldn't be welcomed, but it's just that I was hoping for save data, and/or variable analysis for older games trophy support.

GameSpawn2089d ago

Actually, the patent describes a way of adding trophies to games without needing to patch said games.

As it is currently, to retroactively add trophy support to games that did not ship with them (Uncharted is a perfect example) you must patch the game with a 20-100MB patch.

With this system they are looking at how the game accesses the disc in order to catch the triggers for awarding trophies meaning that the games original code does not need to be altered to add support.

You might say this is pointless as a trophy patch is relatively small and shouldn't be much for the developer to make and the gamer to download and install. Well some games may be easier than others to add trophies to retroactively. This patent was meant for those games that are very difficult to add support to say because the original developer no longer exists to add the support since its parent (most likely EA or Microsoft) put them out of business.

ZoyosJD2089d ago

@game spawn...yeah, I only took a look at the diagram initially.

It would be easily implemented on a new system and might actually be more efficient, but implementing this on old games would require a background program for each game/or a massive change to the OS just for all old games. Roughly the half the size of the patch required for each.

If the game didn't have a trigger in it for a unlock-able,then you won't see a trophy for that situation. (ex. kill x number of enemies a certain way).

So, who is going to add trophies if the developer doesn't exist anymore anyway. Who decides what they look like? Is Sony suddenly going to undertake making and placing trophies on all old games?

GameSpawn2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

It's all just forethought. As with most patents from game companies the chances we'll see this actually used in practice in the near future is slim to none.

It does speak of Sony's character though that they even gave this thought.

As far as adding trophies, when the original developers no longer exist, this wouldn't necessarily be Sony themselves, but an option for the game publisher/parent developer (who usually owned the defunct developer). It makes it easier for a development team that didn't develop the initial game to retroactively add trophy support.

wsoutlaw872089d ago

It sounds like they might be trying to add trophies to older games. Its saying that while you are playing this method will recognize you got the trophy and it wont require the game to know you got the trophy. It would allow trophy support with out needing to update the game to support the trophies.

KimDongHwan2089d ago

Actually is not that easy for developers to add trophy support to an old game. Remember that MGS4 was not patched earlier because they had to revisit the code and try not to break it, then test it, QA, time and money.

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UnSelf2089d ago

You bought a ps4!

Gold trophy unlocked

rainslacker2089d ago

System based trophies would actually be kind of cool. Could become a nice community thing if done right. Could also be great marketing if done right.

DigitalRaptor2089d ago

@ rainslacker

to be honest, i don't think communities need forced things like that. Traditional connective features is where Sony is headed.

Although you could be right since some other Sony devices have Trophies.

JasonKCK2089d ago

Its a good way to earn Trophies for games that dont support Trophies. I dont understand why it needs a patent though.

wsoutlaw872089d ago

lol everything needs a patent. Theyll just think up something crazy that they are never going to try, but still patent it.

jerethdagryphon2089d ago

ah its exactly what i was gonna write insomniac about.

bassically its a middle ware app between psn and the game disc
the app can be programed with triggers like trophies so say 100 head shots
it counts the animation access and triggers at the right time

this means that you can patch in ratchet and clank trophies or valkeryia chronicles trophys without needing to alter dormant code :)

showtimefolks2089d ago

Could be game changer for those who are into getting every trophy, I haven't gone out of my way to earn a trophy. Play games on normal and whichever ones I get I am at peace with that

Trophies or achievements don't do much for me but I know each gamer is different

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Lubu2089d ago

Even though I'm sure the PS4 will have trophies right out of the gate, the implementation of this tech on older games from the PS3 would b very much welcomed. There have been several games we've wanted trophies for but haven't gotten for one reason or another. This would eliminate a barrier from keeping trophies from older games.
I wonder if it would also work on PS1 and PS2 games?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Oh maw gawd :0 Heavenly Sword, Assassin's creed. Resistance: Fall of man. GTA3,VC,SA. All with trophy support <_<


Minato-Namikaze2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Seeing as i own about 15 ps1 games at the moment, want an onimusha HD collection and want Trophies for valkyrie chronicles.....YES PLZ!!!!

Wait i dont have BC PS3 and i dont think onimusha is on the PS store Nucking Futs.

DigitalSmoke2089d ago

Wait what! another cool Playstation n3wz!

PSVita2089d ago

All good news from Sony so far.

barb_wire2089d ago

What?!? I guess we'll get a trophy when we hit 'start'. What an odd patent..

JakemanPS319942089d ago

It allows developers to put trophies in old games without reprogramming it in... So all they really need to do is design the trophies then Tada! Old psone game has trophies

Kran2089d ago

If that's how you explain it, then please gimme gimme :)

Don't mean to sound like an trophy hunter, but some trophies help you push yourself to looking deeper into the game :)

JakemanPS319942089d ago

Yah that's the impression I got from reading it (don't hate me if I am wrong lol) I hope they implement this! Resident evil 3 will be my first psone platinum >_<

sitharrefus2089d ago

this is great news for old games.

rainslacker2089d ago

Yeah. If they make it easy on the developer by using a high level API then it could spur some trophy inclusion. Doubt we'll ever get it from Valkyria Chronicles(Damn you Sega), but would be great for marketing from some companies if they go and add trophy support to their older PS1/2 classics to spur sales of their digital offerings.

aGameDeveloper2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Actually, the way this is written, Sony COULD add trophies to Valkyria Chronicles without any effort on SEGA's part, if they wanted (assuming their licensing agreement with the developer allows for it, of course). They could play the game, note where the disk is accessed when certain levels are loaded or videos are played (these sorts of things almost always come from the disk media), and then have a thread in the OS look for these accesses and award whatever trophy they see fit. Even if the game were installed, they could probably look for a hard drive access at a certain offset from the start of the install.

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