Doggie Dash review - Den of Geeks

PlayFirst, the company that made Diner Dash and Wedding Dash, has released Doggie Dash. Doggie Dash works on a similar theme of the previous Dash titles. Only this time you're not waiting tables or organising weddings, you're running a pet grooming parlour.

Lucy Felthouse reviewing for Den of Geeks recommends you try out the latest in the Dash series: "I thought perhaps that the 'Dash' craze was waning. Diner Dash 4 was great, but I couldn't muster the same enthusiasm for Wedding Dash. However, Doggie Dash has changed my mind again. They've found ways to make it more challenging and different, and all the cuteness and fluffiness appeals to my softer side. Great fun, but can't see it appealing to guys very much. Or if it does, they won't admit it…"

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