10 Portable Games We Want To See On Consoles

Cheat Code Central writes: "Have you ever had a game that you really wanted to play but couldn’t because it came out for portable systems only? We sure have. Some of gaming’s best franchises have only seen play on handhelds. Here are the franchises that we would like to see finally get the home console treatment."

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MoreRPG3607d ago

Golden Sun and Gravity Rush

And no Pokemon!?

dafegamer3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

pokemon was already on consoles before

MoreRPG3607d ago

yeah but i was talking about a rpg not a spinoff and Pokemon XD doesnt count as a proper pokemon game. pokemon stadium and its sequels were good though

dedicatedtogamers3607d ago

Gravity Rush was actually developed as a PS3 title and then Sony told the developers to port it to PS Vita as a launch title. That's why the game itself looked great but the missions seemed...rushed in their design. I remember reading a while back that SCE Japan (the devs) plan to make Gravity Rush 2 on Vita, and to build it from the ground up for the Vita's hardware.

HarryMasonHerpderp3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )


The WiiU needs a proper 3D pokemon JRPG.
It would shift quite a few units I bet.

jakmckratos3607d ago

I get what he's saying..everyone who disagrees is an idiot..I think he is talking about a full-fledged Gamefreak RPG...Xd and Gale of Darkness were crap...unfortunately my friend Game Freak will probably never adhere to our dreams...the are dead set on making portable games..especially for pokemon...I would absolutely love ANY decent console game for pokemon..Pokemon Stadium and SNap were really about it

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dafegamer3607d ago

Gravity Rush on ps4 would be mindblowing, but vita needs a remarkable exclusive for a while

HarryMasonHerpderp3607d ago

That's the problem, I love Gravity Rush it was my game of the year 2012 and I would love to see it on the PS3/PS4 but the Vita NEEDS exclusives like Gravity Rush too keep it alive.
Maybe when the Vita get's the GTA'S and Gran Turismo games it won't need it as much and I will glady take a Gravity Rush game on console with open arms!

dafegamer3607d ago

Yeah thats the problem. If the Vita would be in a much better condition, I would kiss frog for a ps4 version of Gravity Rush.Unfortunately the Vita cant risk to lose another AAA exclusive.
If the Vita have more Killer Apps in the future, i wouldnt mind the third gravity Rush game to launch on ps4

ayabrea933607d ago

gravity rush would be perfect as a console title and I wouldn't mind seeing golden sun make the jump to wii u. I think the dissidia series would be at home on consoles as well.

JeepGamer3607d ago

10 portable games you want to see on consoles

But not on a single webpage apparently.

WalterWJR3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

A great part of gravity rush was moving the vita in all directions to get where you needed to be. Even though the ps3 has six axis I don't think it will have the same feeling. Unless we become superhuman and learn to wield our TV's I don't see it being as fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.