Developer: N64 emulator Mupen64Plus confirmed for OUYA

Nick K writes:
"The developer for Mupen64Plus, a Nintendo 64 emulator built for Android, has posted an update on the official OUYAforums detailing his many attempts to have the emulator approved by the OUYA submission process. He goes on to prove that not only is it coming to OUYA without sideloading, the OUYA team is playing Mupen64Plus in the office."

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Snookies122090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Oh that's awesome, get an Ouya and you've got an N64 as well.

Honestly, emulation is the main reason I'm thinking about getting an Ouya. That, and getting to play MKV video files.

nrvalleytime2090d ago

Same here - it is a great idea though. I wonder if other systems like PS1 and/or PS2 can make the transition as well.

KosmoCrisis2090d ago

I hadn't considered the OUYA for emulation before. Not really been all that into playing the classics even though I own most of the ones I enjoyed even the slightest. Too many new games to consume all my free time.

ziggurcat2090d ago

"I hadn't considered the OUYA for emulation before"

really? because i think that's pretty much all anyone is ever going to do with that thing... i mean once hackers ruin the device for everyone (yes, i know it's open source, but that doesn't mean people won't do malicious things).

KosmoCrisis2090d ago

I'm interested in OUYA for the new things it could potentially bring to my TV. That alone will be the challenge.

Emulation is cool, but I've had my fill of the classics. 15 years from now, I won't be looking back at this generation with an urge to play New Super Mario Bros U.

mcstorm2090d ago

Ide love to see Mupen64Plus running on my Surface RT I have the GBA and SNES emulator running and having my 360 controllers connected to the Surface works well with these games. Miss using the N64 games I played on my Xoom but the biggest down side I had is I could only use 1 PS3 controller.

Looks good though.

roshi19872090d ago

Buy your games scumbags.

mandf2090d ago

Watch out the thieves will bubble you down. Watch them cry about drm but promote piracy. Emulators are piracy.

kwyjibo2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

According to mandf, the internet is piracy. Maybe you should stay offline?


edit - lol at the below. No longer mentions emulation. I'm going to mention, "you should stay offline" again though.

You'll have to go online again though, so your next Xbox can keep track of all those licenses.

mandf2090d ago

If a game is licensed and you don't pay for it you are a thief grow up.

delboy2090d ago

No they are Not!
You can't buy games or the hardware for the old systems, you must emulate.
Maybe if you find some used on ebay, but that money isn't going to the developers, so it is the same.
But anyway paying again play old games you already bought a decade or more ago is just dumb.

SilentNegotiator2090d ago

Oh noes! People pirating N64 games! The economy will turn to dust!!!!!!

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MakiManPR2090d ago

I'm already using a N64 emulator on my PC at full Speed. There's also a N64 emulator on PS3, PS Vita, etc

Smashbro292090d ago

Which one? All I got is some old Project64.

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