10 Minutes In The Swamp With Metro: Last Light

GS:Mark and Johnny return to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Russia in this exclusive look at a mutant-filled swamp in Metro: Last Light.

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d0nT wOrrY2035d ago

Fantastic! Glad that this game survived.
So many good games coming out this year!!

Utalkin2me2035d ago

I'm sorry but that gameplay looks boring, bought feel asleep watching it.

PockyKing2035d ago

Really? You've obviously never played Metro 2033. These games are as much about the setting around you as they are about gameplay and story.

Utalkin2me2034d ago

Really? So graphics trumps all over gameplay? And yes i have played metro 2033. The gameplay was average, and i didnt even finsih it. Takes more then graphics to make me play a game sorry.

Hydralysk2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

How did you get "graphics trumps gameplay" from that statement.

The game was all about using visuals and gameplay to create atmosphere. There are tons of ambient conversations that flesh out the day to day lives of the inhabitants of the metro. The guns are handmade and function about as well as you'd expect. You have to keep your flashlight charged while wandering through the dark. You see your visor frost over and hear yourself start to wheeze as your filters run out. The constant theme of mankind repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The fear you feel when you hear the nosalises coming, or when you need to stare down a Librarian. The surreal situations that happens when the Dark Ones try interact with you, and the subtle fear you feel towards the shadows of the dead.

Those are the little details that kept me immersed in the world. I'll definitely admit the game was far from perfect, especially it's shooter mechanics, but the focus of Metro 2033 was never supposed to be on highly polished gunplay.

WorldGamer2035d ago

Looks cool. Love the post apocalyptic setting for sure.

Utalkin2me2034d ago

Thats the whole comment, looks good. Sure it looks good, but gameplay, average at best.

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