Wii U Version Of Dead Island: Riptide "Not Worth It", Says Deep Silver

The Dead Island: Riptide saga shows no signs of slowing down. We reported last week that publisher Deep Silver had said the Wii U wouldn't be getting the title because the game engine would need re-writing, a claim which developer Techland subsequently shot down in flames.

Now, disgruntled fans are taking to Twitter to ask Deep Silver what's really going on, and are getting a rather more direct reply:

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lilbroRx2064d ago ShowReplies(4)
t3gamenews2064d ago

they say its not worth it but us, the customers think other wise. meanwhile a few months from now there gonna be wondering while another game isnt selling on wii u, while were waiting for this game on wii u instead.

GuyManDude2064d ago

If Assassin's Creed III, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City, and Darksiders 2 can't sell more than 125,000 copies on Wii U, then there's no way in hell that Dead Island: Riptide was going to break 100,000.

It would pretty much be a guarantee that they would lose money by making a Wii U port.

Drakesfortune2064d ago

Tbf to the wii u, alot of those games you have mentioned have already been out for a while on other consoles, if i where to buy a wii u i would not buy games that i have alreay played just because it has some extra features on the wii u..

im sure nintendo will be ok

lilbroRx2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Those games were old, poorly done ports that no one wanted. On top of that they were sold for $60 whey they could be gotten anywhere else on any more established platform for 1/3 that price. That is why they didn't sale.

It would be one thing if all of them at least "ran properly" but the glitches and artifacts were undeniable. On top of that, most of Wii U owners had already played them elsewhere.

Nintendo fans were given a bad deal and then bashed for not spending their money on it. They don't want "old" ports.

The few(very few) good games that the Wii U got have sold well(Trine 2, ZombiU, NSMBU). The indie games on the eshop are also selling well.

DA_SHREDDER2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I don't know where you people get this idea that WiiU owners need to buy games that have been out for a year already, kick mud. None of you need to tell me what I gotta buy. Right now I got lego city and that's all i need for the machine until summer. You know why? Cause despite owning 3 ps3's, I actually have a life, and I dont need to buy everything that comes out. I only buy games that I feel are worth the money I spend.

BTW, Dead Island sucks, and I wouldn't buy it even if I was loaded with money.

sitharrefus2064d ago

How about releasing it digital only to test the waters?

N4g_null2063d ago

Ummmm doesn't this game suck anyway? They did us a favor then, bring on watch dogs! GDC is pretty sweet this year!

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Clarence2064d ago

Look at the track record every game on the Wii besides Mario, Zelda and Wii sports did not sale. The Wii U is in trouble. It's just not appealing enough.

lilbroRx2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

That is a complete lie. The last I checked, the Wii had 140 million sellers. Most of those were third party games. On top of that, Wii U games did not need to sale as much to meet sales expectations because there development cost was only a fraction of an average PS3/360 game. A game that sold half as much on the Wii generated more profit than an equivalent 360/PS3 game.

The facts contradict your statement.

Triggytrolls2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

ZombiU shifted 331,930+ copies, that's not bad for a new console.

One of the best survival horrors I've played in a long time. Admittedly I've not used my WiiU since completing it though.

admiralvic2064d ago

@ GayManDude / Clarence

Thats like comparing apples and oranges. You have a new console with a smaller user base and all of your examples (GayManDude) are ports of highly popular games on other consoles.

Obviously I don't think Dead Island is going to destroy the charts, but with the lack of games on the Nintendo Wii U... it's impossible to say it will do worse. If Dead Island Riptide released at the same time and implemented some things like Zombi U, then I could EASILY see myself considering the Wii U version over PS3.

Christopher2064d ago

*** You have a new console with a smaller user base***

Exactly. Why would a fairly niche market game that already has its past gamers on the PS3, 360, and PC take a chance with such a small audience that doesn't normally buy mature games for the platform?

If it would cost them $250k more to put it on the Wii U, they'd need assurances that it would sell enough to cover those costs. Especially considering the game is priced at $50 and not the usual $60. They'd have to ensure a sales of at least 100k on the Wii U in the first 3 months to cover the costs in development. And I was low-balling the heck out of that.

Spookshow2063d ago

Hahahaha you replied to GayManGuy? ROFL, it was GUYManDude.


WiiU will be fine... stop the trolling!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2064d ago

"Nintendo fans do not forget. They know who has burned them and who has not." ""

so why buy wiiU? Wii was not for nintendo fans it was for casuals. So get a ps4.

PopRocks3592063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Wii U had some core games on it, albeit ports. Not to mention it already has six core Nintendo franchises announced within its first year, one of which is a remake of a classic Zelda title another one being a Smash Bros. game.

I can understand a non-Nintendo fan not seeing much in the Wii U, but now you're arguing Nintendo fans have no reason to be interested?

I think you're just grasping at straws here.

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