Another Castle Hits Its Kickstarter Goal

Uncade's Wii U eShop title Another Castle has reached its Kickstarter funding target of $12,000 with 8 days to go.

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lilbroRx2062d ago

Power to the indie's. They are future of gaming.

Giant corporations like EA, Activision, Ubisofot and Square-Enix have become nothing more than corporate marketing machines that are all about money. There is no soul or creativity in their games anymore. Just pure numbers.

Specialists companies like Epic Games, Quantic Dreams, and Mojan have also begun to, if not totally lost their way.

The industry needs new blood and we need to support the up and coming game devs. Gaming is sinking under the weight of greed. Lets chizzle away what is good from the bigger horde so that they don't all go down with it.

Neonridr2062d ago

glad to see they are using the Wii U as a launching pad too.

profgerbik2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Ok this is the problem I have with Kickstarter, this type of stuff right here, disagree all you want but at least hear me out and actually really look at this game. I really don't understand this.

It looks so similar to Mario it isn't even funny and yet people rip every Android or iOS game that is a Mario clone but people will fund this? Or god forbid if this release on PSN..

I mean rarely ever use the word clone (I actually hate it) but this is just too much.. even the level designs are practically identical at times even the name feels like a Mario sequal or something..

Mario: Another Castle.

I feel like you can just put anything on Kickstarter now and people will just throw money at you, I can't even believe the mundane crap I see constantly being funded.. Don't get me wrong there are really great projects and ideas that deserve it as well but it seems like lately there are tons who really do not.

I am all for indie games, I love them but this just seems lame. Especially with this.. why would you put it on a systems that literally already have tons of games exactly like it but much better? Especially the Wii U.. Why does the Wii U need more Mario type games?

Even looking at this game from a distance I can promise you if you took it to the streets and asked people what they thought it was, a huge majority of them would just assume a Mario game.

lilbroRx2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Its called a Platformer. Its a genre. Mario is not the first, the last or the definition of it.

Having platforming mechanics and pixel graphics does not in anyway = Mario. Nothing about this looks like Mario. I would relate this to Alex Kidd, Treasure Master or Wonder Boy before I would relate it to Mario. The only thing I could possibly compare to being like Mario is the coin symbol at the top, but that would depend on whats its used for.

The only thing you have shown me is a lack of understanding of what this is and why/how kickstarter was used for it.