What Does Steam's Early Access Mean for the Industry? | With the announcement of Steam’s Early Access category, we suddenly find ourselves facing yet another growing trend that could very well change things as we know it.

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Saryk2038d ago

Well hopefully less shit in the market! Meaning games paid and played in early stages are 100% at release!

aliengmr2038d ago

IMO I see nothing "shady" or wrong in charging players to play the game in its alpha stage. As long as its clearly stated to the customer.

This is where I had a problem with WarZ. Had they simply and clearly stated that this is "alpha/beta" stage and the the game was not complete, things would have been fine. They clearly did not do that and tried to create the impression it was 100% complete, which it wasn't.

However, one issue that worries me is if this isn't taken seriously by the developer. Meaning they are only doing it for the cash and disregarding input completely. Should that happen, it could corrupt the entire practice.

Overall I think its a great idea. Its optional, but I really think the games themselves will benefit in the end.