Beyond: Two Souls 12-15 hours long says Quantic Dream

Beyond: Two Souls will be longer than than Heavy Rain and the single-player portion of the game will last around 12-15 hours long.

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Nyxus2063d ago

That's a very decent length for a game like this.

xHeavYx2063d ago

I agree. It's nice to see different games other than "shoot everything you see" games

Derekvinyard132063d ago

Will this game have the parts like heavy rain were you move the controller

Detoxx2063d ago

Most random question of the year

Thatguy-3102063d ago

Was kind of bummed knowing that it won't mostly use the gameplay in heavy rain. I know many don't like it but what I enjoy about it more is that I get more involved and immerse with the story/characters more. Still getting the game though.

Neckbear2063d ago

The first five hours spent brushing your teeth or something, I'd assume.

Blastoise2063d ago

Did you get stuck on that part or something?

Think it took me about 20 seconds

Roper3162063d ago

no says you have to buy or play it if you don't like that type of game play.

Maybe you would be better suited waiting for the new COD with it's fresh coat of paint and same old generic game play

kreate2063d ago

brushing ur teeth and taknig a shower was there to teach u the game controls.

they could of just put a lengthy 'tutorial' like other games do.

jagstatboy2063d ago

I'd rather have a tutorial that shows me the controls as I am diving into the real game than one that makes me brush my teeth, change a diaper, eat lunch, and push my kid on a swingset. Booooooring.

kreate2062d ago


Ur totally missing the point if thats all u remember from the game.

And i dont know if the game is boring, or only the brushing ur teeth part was boring and rest of the game was fun, that idk cuz u didnt specify, judging by ur choice of words though, u just seem like a hater.

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rajman2063d ago

If 'they' say that, then in reality its more like 8-10 hours

TimeSkipLuffy2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

but that's more than ok. Shooters take even less (to finish campaign) XD

All I want is a great gaming experience. If that ends in 3 hours well that's more than a usual movie last XD

Detoxx2063d ago

Yeah but I play the multiplayer of BF3 660 hours (At the moment that is)

rajman2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Yeh its still ok, cant believe the disagrees I got lol all developers make up the lengths of their games...I remember the devs of Tomb Raider said their game was 12-15 hours long. I finished the whole game and found everything in 9 hours.

abzdine2063d ago

triple that up if you are like me you need to go for the platinum.

galgor2063d ago

Why does the description say "single player portion" when there's nothing about that in the actual article?

Very doubtful it'll be mulitplayer.

black9112063d ago

Day One. Can't Wait!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.