GDC 2008 – Two Panel Discussions on Stories in Games (Part 2)

Last time, Deirdra Kiai of Adventure Gamers blogged about a panel discussion that dissected the quality of storytelling in games of the past. Now, let's fast-forward to Thursday morning, when Deirdra walked into the very same room as before, slightly late, to a crowd that was just as packed. This time around, it was a panel called The Future of Story in Games, and by now she has learned that whenever she hears the words "future of..." before anything, she should be preparing herself for a fun-filled brouhaha of wild speculation accompanied by vitriolic arguments from various opposing schools of thought. Deirdra could tell that she would be far from disappointed in this regard, as the panel contained an even more diverse set of speakers than the first one, from freelance writers to people from id Software, Silicon Knights, Polar Productions, and several other companies. (Names, for those interested, are Matt Costello, Tim Willits, Denis Dyack, Mary DeMarle, Matthew Karch, Michael Hall, and Deborah Todd.)

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