GDC 2008 – Two Panel Discussions on Stories in Games (Part 1)

Deirdra Kiai had the pleasure of being part of the Adventure Gamers contingent of people attending GDC this year, and was even more pleased to discover that there would be not only one, but two panel discussions on stories in games taking place. Being a die-hard enthusiast of all things related to interactive storytelling, Deirdra resolved to attend them both and eagerly absorb every single potential tidbit of wisdom she could gain therefrom, as well as whatever insights they would bring to this beloved genre of Adventure Gamers.

The first panel, Stories Best Played: Deconstructing the Best Interactive Storytelling, took place on Wednesday and featured four prominent game designers: Steve Meretzky of Blue Fang Games, Marc Laidlaw of Valve Software, Ken Rolston of Big Huge Games, and Richard Rouse III of Midway Games. As Deirdra sat down and made herself comfortable, the thing she noticed immediately was how quickly the lecture room was filling up, to the point where it soon became standing room only. Trying to ignore the fact that she was then uncomfortably squished in her chair due to lack of space, it dawned on her that "wow, so many people actually CARE about stories in games!" Then, 2:30 PM finally rolled around, and the panelists began to talk.

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