A look at Toukiden’s four weapon types

Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force has given us a quick look at the four weapon types players will be using to hunt Oni in their upcoming Vita game, Toukiden. Those weapons are...

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TheLiztress2090d ago

It looks like it would be a good game to add to the Vita's library.

gooney1212090d ago

Yeah, even if it is just a Monster Hunter clone, it actually looks like a lot of fun.

SirBradders2090d ago

Hopefully we see a western release looks quite interesting.

profgerbik2089d ago

It is published by Tecmo Koei. They have practically localized every game they are apart of so no doubt this will see localization eventually.

If not it that would really suck but knowing Tecmo Koei they are very adamant at getting their releases over seas.

tubers2089d ago

Now that's the best looking PSP upscaled game.

(Toukiden's for the PSP as well like GE2)

profgerbik2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

It isn't upscaled. There is a PSP version and a Vita version. Just like God Eater 2 is not upscaled on the Vita either the two version look completely different graphically.

You can easily tell the big graphical difference the PSP versions have, if it was upscaled that wouldn't be the case, the PS Vita version would look very similar to the PSP version just fitting the Vita's screen..

You can tell though they worked on both versions individually graphic wise and texture wise. Maybe upscaled it not exactly what you meant?

miyamoto2087d ago

I rather have this sharp looking game than this