Durango Unleashed - Everything We Know, Everything We Don't Understand

From GamesReviews:

"The next Xbox - code named Durango - has been something of a worry for gamers that supported Microsoft this last generation. Rumours of always-on connections, used-game blocking and an increased reliance on apps and Kinect have got people worried. After the PlayStation 4 reveal, the panic increased. The PS4 seemed to do everything right, and yet the negatives of Durango kept leaking. Just how much of it is true? What can we expect to see from Microsoft's next console? Are we really going to be be underwhelmed?

Today we look into what we actually know, and which rumours you should probably ignore (for now)."

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Dlacy13g2064d ago

Agreed... clear, didnt' seem to favor or lean one way or another. Well done!

AngelicIceDiamond2064d ago

Misleading article, should be Every RUMOR we know. As far as I'm concerned we don't know anything.

JeffGUNZ2064d ago

They don't know sh*t, MS hasn't said anything. Oh wait, my bad, they responded with; "Microsoft does not respond to rumors or speculation". Yep, that really paints a clear picture of the next xbox.

matgrowcott2064d ago

It's funny, because looking at your previous comments I can see that a lot of what you've said over and over and over again I completely agree with in this article.

I can also see from our real time stats that you didn't actually read the article before commenting.

JeffGUNZ2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I am not giving another site hits off the same speculation BS we see every other article. My comment is true. We don't Know ANYTHING yet, it's annoying reading the same article and the same debates every day.

All this site/article is doing is jumping on board with the same rumors. Let me guess, the article talks about "durango" specs, Kinect 2.0, blocked used games, etc...Yawn. How about we wait for some OFFICIAL news before we waste peoples time. I don't know how BS like this gets approved on this site.

ziggurcat2064d ago

i certainly hope that none of those nasty rumours are true.

if they are... well, it will make my purchase decision a lot easier.

XXXL2064d ago

If and I said if these rumors are true Microsoft is retarded. Have fun playing next gen star wars kinect. Brutal

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lovegames7182064d ago

"The Kayle"....

Official Microsoft groupie lol On microsoft articles he supports, on Ps4 articles he criticizes lol

Ill def. not be getting a new Xbox because the focus on Kinect is a scary proposition i wont be invested in after the bs we got with Kinect this current gen. Believe the hype if you want, but i learn my lesson quickly!

matgrowcott2064d ago

I don't think that's fair. Kinect sucked this gen, but if 30 million people bought it expecting Kinect Adventures and Dance Central, that's what the developers are going to provide.

By including it in the box, I think you'll see a lot more core support, and a lot more interesting ways of using it. I'm staying realistic - it's not going to change the world and after Durango I imagine it's gone - but I think it'll definitely get better when developers know everybody who plays the game is going to have access to these features.

TheKayle2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

if i would seen the things that we (and i) know criticize sony and support ms about what they r doing with the next xbox...i could easly doing it.....

if u directly ask me if i like the "ala pc" ps4 architecture..for what i studied i would answer no..but theres no way to come up with a decent console seen the money sony could invest in ps4...

if u ask me if i like what ms is doing with know how to spill every penny from customers...(and this is the part that i dont like) ..but trust in me if 99.9% of the journalist out there dont know what they r talking about when they write article on 1.2 tf console....and/or with a weaker console compared to ps4

26 april is behind the door....and someone should ask sorry for all the words putted out their mouth without any sense....

this could be me....and in this case....i ask for an official ban from this site...coz im being a troll

in the case is u and most of the sony fanboys...ill accept excuses in pm

ps. u should ask samsung something baby
pss. always on is a bs

GamersRulz2064d ago

You hate PS4 architecture?! Fair enough, but would you still hate it if nextxbox used the same architecture?

also, what would you say to the vast majority of developers who LOVED and praised PS4 architecture?

the mic is yours. elaborate please.

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