IGN Podcast Beyond, Episode 36

Chris, Greg and Ryan are working hard on Monday so you don't have to. Or perhaps you do. Regardless, some folks from D3 stop by today to talk about the upcoming Dark Sector. You'll get the full inside story, so tune in. Also, the team discusses the possibility of a PSN overhaul. Don't miss it.

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niall773964d ago

Im growing to like IGN now.

ever since Gamespot went down the toilet and when I Joined, Ziff davis went bankrupt. maybe if I register to IGN I can take down the evil News Corp Empire. :/

Dark-Angel093964d ago

The IGN Beyond! Podcast is actually the only podcast i like to listen when is Playstation oriented.


eyeDEVOUR3964d ago

Dark Sector is going to be great...

Dark-Angel093964d ago

I know. can't wait for it to come out.