IGN: StarCraft II Hands-On - Testing out the retooled Zerg faction

IGN writes: After spending a large portion of the day at Blizzard checking out the Zerg faction for StarCraft II, we can say one thing for sure: the Zerg are still extremely strange to play as. Now that we've been able to test out all three races, we can certainly say each feels distinct, though it's difficult to say much about the overall design because, quite simply, the game isn't finished yet. Blizzard says most of what we've seen so far, units or features, could be dropped or added to, so there's no telling really how the final product will wind up playing.

Right now the game is in its alpha stages, with a beta phase to occur likely sometime later on in the year. We'd love to give you more specific details, but currently they're not available. According to producer Chris Sigaty, the beta will likely be closed. Considering the whole of the Blizzard staff hasn't yet had a chance to test out the game, a step Sigaty says the company always takes with its games, don't expect to hear anything about this for a while.

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Monty_The_Great3963d ago

well, I know the first has a very big following, so I hope Blizzard can come through and deliver. Game looks good already, so can't wait to see a finished product.

Odion3963d ago

A the mortals of earth cried out to Blizzard, Give'th us your greatest treasure! That which name is Starcraft II, and Blizzard heard, and gave the people Starcraft II, and it was good!