Now This Is How You Use A Dirt Bike To Take Down A Jet In Battlefield 3

Kotaku - Battlefield players have found all sorts of awe-inspiring ways to do stunts with dirt bikes. But this one takes the cake when it comes to how much air the player grabs, not to mention the rather dramatic ending.

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camel_toad2064d ago

Good ol C4. I used to love contributing nothing to my team but camping near enemy planes only to plant c4 on them, hide, and then blow it up right after some poor Bastard flew off in it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2064d ago

Oh...... I thought he was gonna ram the bike into the jet.

Jovahkiin2064d ago

I seen an RPG take out a jet, not a motorbike :/

Lifebanisher2064d ago

like aaaaaaa boosssssssssss lol

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