Sony UK Teases Image of Weird Mechanical Red Egg

Sony's Official UK Facebook page has posted a suspicious image of what looks to be some sort of mechanical red egg, alog with the words, "It's coming..."

What could it be? Some sort of Easter promotion, Portal 3 or maybe even something to do with the PS4?

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Mr_Nuts2036d ago

Reminds me of a precursor egg from Jak and Daxter. I cant think of anything that features an object like that

iGAM3R-VIII2036d ago

Yea I agree with you and windmill145. I think it is more relevant to Ovosonico though ( )And for SonyUK to put up a game maker like that makes me think the game they are making is going to be huge

2036d ago
llMurcielagoll2036d ago

The egg in the photo doesn't look like the traditional precursor orb from Jak and Daxter though.

This gives me a more of a robotic vibe than an artifact, still hoping for a brand new Jak and Daxter game!

Y_51502036d ago

Yes it looks like a precursor orb!

windmill1452036d ago

Looks like the logo of Ovosonico, who have just announce a team-up with Sony

ironfist922036d ago

First thing I noticed. Bubs

Arai2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

It's filed under SonyUK on Facebook, not PlayStation.
I highly doubt it has anything to do with gaming at all.
And if it was about SCE it would be under the PlayStation brand.

That website just copy/pasted what was said and found on NeoGAF and made it into an "article".

MadAssGamers2036d ago

actually no we didn't copy/paste we saw it ourselves.

BitbyDeath2036d ago

If you scroll down further on the facebook page you'll also see posts for Playstation 3 and God of War Ascension. So it is possible it may be Playstation related.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2036d ago

it's Ovosonico.
they have put this news 4 hours ago on their facebook page so it's probably a project from them.
I'm excited about any PS4 announcement so I hope it's something good

Sevir2036d ago

I saw it on their FB page as well. especially since they announced they have partnered with SCE Europe i'm sure this is a teaser for their New IP. I too hope its PS4 related. Though a PS3/vita new Ip would be swell too.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Totally, the "Mmhh... weird..." comment almost confirms it.

ApolloTheBoss2036d ago

New Jak and Dexter game, perhaps? Or a kick-ass new IP?

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