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Relientk772090d ago

Yea just turned on the PS3 too, downloading it now, it doesnt take that long

xHeavYx2090d ago

I hate how long I have to wait for it to upd... oh, it's finished, let's play some game

LackTrue4K2090d ago Show
Ravenor2090d ago


You totally missed what xHeavYx said didn't yeah?

nix2090d ago

some just won't get the sarcasm here...

i hope this fixes the sound problem i have with GOW-Ascension... i dunno what's suppose to fix what anymore.

Reverent2090d ago

Guys... onyoursistersback (from his comment history) is a big Sony supporter. I'm pretty confident he was being sarcastic. Even reading his comment, I could easily tell he was being so. How you guys didn't figure it out is beyond me.

Ravenor2090d ago


Based on his commentt history I believe he is truly stupid enough to have typed what he just typed without a shred of sarcasm.

Would love to be proven wrong, but usually people with a hardware preference are absolutely humourless.

InMyOpinion2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

@Reverent - "Don't shoot guys, HE'S ONE OF US!!"


DOMination-2090d ago

True story. Went to play ac3 for the first time on ps3 yesterday.

Load up the store and redeem LE codes took several minutes. Then i had an update to download and install and then a patch for the game. Another 5-10 mins. Then i had to install it which took 5 minutes.

Thus is why i don't play ps3 games often. Its not what id call plug and play. I'll never forget the time i stuck in bad company 2 and had to download the 2gig Vietnam patch even though i didn't have it just to play the sp. Had similar experiences with lbp and eye of judgement back in the day.

All Im saying is, i hope Sony fix this issue on PS4. By the time id watched the intro if ac3 last night i only had half an hour to play the dawn thing due to the time waiting.

Caffo012089d ago

It's not so difficult to just disconnect from psn and play offline if that's what you want... Just press circle when a game tries to download a patch and that's it... Unless you are trolling..

insomnium22089d ago


Duh then he wouldn't have anything to moan about would he. Nothing can be that simple around here.

badz1492089d ago

dude, no matter how slow your connection is there's no files on PS3 that downloaded for 5-10 mins and then take another 5 minutes to be installed! you're just trolling!

if you have decent connection, 5-10 mins download on PSN means that files can be around 50MB in size and there's no way it takes ANY PS3 to take 5 minutes to install 50MB! try again!

sorceror1712089d ago

@badz149 - For a PS3 hooked up by wifi - yes, downloads *can* be that slow. And installs can take quite a while if your drive is over 90% full. I know, because I've run into both issues. A Fat PS3 and then a Slim, hooked up to D-Link router.

Once I ran a wired link to the PS3, downloads sped up *dramatically*, though they're still nothing like a PC. Installs are still an issue, but PS+ at least lets them happen at night while I'm sleeping.

DOMination-2089d ago

Loads of disagrees and people labelling my comment as trolling but what i said is all true and factual. Don't believe me? Stick in bfbc2 or lbp and see for yourself.

My connection is 80meg down so its pretty good. Its not my fault the ps3 has terrible wifi and the ps store takes a whole minute after i stick in a code to redeem for it to even register what it is (no joke). These are things Sony been to fix for PS4 (and Im sure they will).

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Dee_912089d ago

Its not that nobody believe.. aside from a bit of over exaggerating.Its just that if you where trying to plug and play like you said you shouldve just went offline...
But still it shouldnt be like that.However thats the new age of gaming and you should deal with it.

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Derekvinyard132090d ago

the one thing i dont get is why dont they say what is updated? the updates use to say it now its just like ok heres the update, what updated??? bug fixes system stability?? it use to say it after you press accept

delboy2090d ago

4.31 is cracked so you can install cfw, that's why the update.

yeahokchief2089d ago

Took around 1 minute for me

TAURUS-5552089d ago

sony never gave us flashplayer, too bad.

Abdou232089d ago

Installing takes more than downloading !!

tacosRcool2089d ago

I was downloading it, until my PS3 got the YLOD...
So I think I just fixed it today and hopefully it works

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TheFallenAngel2090d ago

I remember when getting firmware updates for the PS3 was so exciting.. I still remember when 2.0 came out...

princejb1342090d ago

I agree
I haven't been excited for ps3 updates in a long time
I think the last update I kinda found useful was in game xmb

shoddy2090d ago

Yep new function always welcome.

flyingmunky2090d ago

I also miss the excitement of the old store updates. I used to check the store for free goodies. Sadly they have all the free stuff locked down into ps+ now.

Just seems like this console generation has dragged along long enough to see me become totally jaded with new releases. I'm ready for the ps4!

Donnieboi2090d ago

U gots 2 pay 2 play...their not running a sweat shop y'know, these "free" games cost money to make.

FamilyGuy2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

That's the reason why updates suck now compared to back when we used to be happy to see them. The PS3 has become so feature packed that we don't and probably will never see any more of those huge, feature packed updates. Everything is there that they can implement already. All we get now is compatibility updates unless they want to improve on an existing feature.

All new features come in the form of apps, that's just all there is to it now. Not much to look forward to unless some drastic, innovative thought pops up.

dontbhatin2089d ago

Anybody know what happened to them adding customization
To the what's new section? back on the xmb facelift update 3.0? He stated in the video that they would be adding customization to it in the coming months.

Omegasyde2090d ago

I agree. It seems these updates are for improving netcode for specific games or for installing a feature now that won't be unveiled for months.

badz1492089d ago

2.0? it was nothing compared to 2.40! TROPHIES!!

T22089d ago

Trophies was a patch ? Damn I forgot wow

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TemplarDante2090d ago

Next gen, Im betting we could even download in the background and install when playing :)

Minato-Namikaze2090d ago

it does download in the background while playing, just not when you are playing online.

KwietStorm2090d ago

That's what he's getting at.

InMyOpinion2090d ago

@TemplarDante - You can do that this gen, on the 360. It has background downloading with up to 40 queued items, and no installs. If you play online it just pauses the download and then continues once you're in a menu etc.

Not everything about it is bad.

madjedi2090d ago

He is talking about downloading firmware updates in the background to begin with.

The ps3 has had background downloading since yr 2 i think.

Sephiroushin2089d ago

You can do that on the PS3 too and there are different ways to download a firmware, it's not restricted on the console, for example you can download from a PC, Tablet or w/e and transfer the file to a USB device...
The PSN+ allow you to play as the firmware download, you can't play online while it download for obvious reasons, you can still play offline just fine ...

LakerGamerEnthusiast2090d ago

Just got on my plus account to see what was on the store. Then this came up. Downloading now. Isn't taking long only about 5 minutes of you're time. Wish it was something worthwhile that we were getting though.

Oh well.

Soldierone2090d ago

I thought Plus was supposed to do this by itself? Or is it only for game updates?

I'm just curious because I have Plus and it didn't install this.

MrBeatdown2090d ago

It does, but only at the pre-set time when your PS3 turns itself on to check for updates and saves to upload, etc.

dantesparda2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Plus will do it but only at the time you set it to update at. So if its set fo 4am it wouldnt check for updates til then

MrBeatdown beat me to it

KwietStorm2090d ago

It updates at the time you set it to.

violents2089d ago

they changed something in the terms of service agreement which means the update requires a user action(agreeing to terms of service) so it can't automatically do it for you until you say yes.

If they hadnt changed any part of the user agreement your plus account should have just downloaded and installed by itself at whatever time you have specified in your settings.

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jerethdagryphon2090d ago

ok so anyone note any changes

xXtremeHDGamerXx2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

So far I found that this update fixed the What's New and Trophy Collection glitch that was broken in 4.30.

What's New: You can now start a Blu-Ray disc game from the What's New screen again.

Trophy Collection: You can now see your trophies sorted by Group Content (Core Game/Add-On) again while in-game in Offline Mode.

Donnieboi2090d ago

Meh. Some of these updates are worthless. Especially the last few Vita one's. I'm out of room for my game icons, we need folders for the Vita, pronto!