Neocrisis: FFX - Tidus had Black Hair in Beta

Neocrisis: With the recent scans showing the latest images and information about FFX and FFX-2 HD, from our friends at Gaming Everything, we thought it was time to give some information when FFX was still in beta.

Anyone who has played either games knows that Tidus had blonde hair. However, it would seem that for a short time, he had black hair. Which hair color do you like more? Should players get the option to change his hair color once FFX and FFX-2 HD released?

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KingKelloggTheWH2090d ago

Cloud Strife also had black hair originally. Angeal from Crisis Core is pretty much the original design.

crxss2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Tidus also had silver hair, and then they changed that. he even has silver hair in a cg cutscene when they go to kilika.

DA_SHREDDER2090d ago

But what's that got to do with Tidus? This is exactly what's wrong with Squeenix. They try to fix what isn't broken. Screw them

Unlimax2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

The FFX beta was Online before FFXI , This is some Footage's from the Beta :

Relientk772090d ago

Glad they stuck with the blond hair for Tidus

spartanlemur2090d ago

Indeed; it looks terribly out of place among the warm-coloured environments.

wishingW3L2090d ago

to me it looks way better than the blondie.

Wrightylfc882090d ago

Lets be honest who gives a **** what colour hair they have?

wishingW3L2090d ago

I'm kind of bored of seeing all the main FF characters have blonde hair. In fact, I'm starting to develop a complex that blondies are better than me because I have the inferior dark hair.

anime_swag_pro2090d ago

I think him having black hair would have been cool, but it would not have fit his character's personality.

josephayal2090d ago

Black hair courtesy of Just For Men shampoo

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