EA's Dead Space: Original, 'M-Plus' And… Actually Pause-able After All?

This new game could be something special, Glen Schofield, executive producer of EA's Dead Space, said as he told MTV Multiplayer its unusual history and how the game began almost as a protest. He made a good pitch and even explained away the biggest negative to eke out of the coverage for the game - that whole no-pause-button-fiasco. But more on that later.

Dead Space is an escape for Schofield, and the way he puts it, a relief for a lot of other developers at EA too. It's an original game about man vs. monsters on a creepy space-ship, a game borne from the fatigue of doing licensed game after licensed game.

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sonarus3964d ago

yea dead space looks good at first like an ea game but upon further inspection the flaws always show. Not saying all ea games are bad. But most are they invest as little money possible in the hopes of maximizing profit and make no attempt to push the limits of any gaming system

kingme713964d ago

I think the game is shaping up to be really neat. I won't knock it just because it is EA, but the article doesn't paint a rosy picture of EA from someone on the inside. They basically said we did everything different from how EA normally works which is why the game is turning out good.

I'm hoping the game does really well and opens EA's eyes. If it flops, then they go back to making licensed retreads over and over.

DARK WITNESS3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

if the game really does turn out to be good and hopefully sells better then they could imagine then maybe it will show ea how wrong they have been...

Hell if the game is a protest to how EA works and produces games, then i would say we should all buy it to join in his protest.

EA; We do not want trash ! You have got the money, invest it in projects like this !