Microsoft Execs Criticized Vista, And They Should Know

One year after the birth of Windows Vista, why do so many Windows XP users still decline to "upgrade"?

A theory is that Vista's reputation precedes it: XP users have heard too many chilling stories about Vista upgrades that have gone badly. Graphics chips couldn't handle Vista's special effects. Long delays as Vista loaded. Applications ran at slower speeds. Printers, scanners and other hardware peripherals, which work well with XP, lacked the necessary driver software to work with Vista.

And now, Microsoft's own vice presidents and most senior executives has confirmed that theory.

The U.S. district judge overseeing the class-action lawsuit filed against Microsoft Windows Vista has unsealed 200 internal communications and reports from Microsoft. The unsealed documents incidentally revealed the personal frustrations with Windows Vista from Microsoft's top-level executives.

The documents also show Microsoft's discussions of how best to market Vista - by manipulating the "Vista Ready" and "Vista Capable" labels, despite considerable internal protests and warnings that Vista will be "a complete tragedy."

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