GameSpy: Civilization Revolution

GameSpy writes: 2K invited GameSpy over to play Civilization Revolution, the next-gen and DS version of the classic series, in a multiplayer free-for-all match. Despite our reasonable apprehension about a console strategy game, we found ourselves overstaying our hour-long appointment by about 90 minutes or so. So, it's fair to say we left our appointment with very good impressions of the game, from its look to its gameplay.

The next-gen versions of Revolution's HD graphics were a treat. With capital cities poking their heads through the fog, mobs of warriors idly stomping their feet, and beautiful scenery to send those warriors rampaging through, Revolution is a really good-looking game. The DS version will feature the same content as the next-gen versions, but without all that graphical splendor.

If you're one of the unfortunate few who has never played a Civilization game, then Revolution will be a constant wonder for you. For old Civilization hands, Revolution is a clear enough extension of the franchise that you'll have no problem adapting. If anything, our eventual doom came from adapting too easily and falling into old (bad) habits.

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Proxy3966d ago

Only one leader for each Civ? Bah!

I smell nickle and dime plans to sell more leaders at high prices on the console networks.