Analysis: HD VMD - Better Red Than Dead?

Authored by Paul Sweeting from

"I'll say this for the folks at New Medium Enterprises: They're nothing if not persistent. The British company has continued to put out press releases and pester reporters for years with tales of imminent developments and breakthroughs for its red-laser based HD VMD disc format despite few of its promises actually being borne out. And yet the company refuses to give up, recently going so far as to hire Michael Solomon (pictured), a well-regarded TV industry veteran, as its new chairman to try, once again, to attract interest in the format from U.S. program suppliers."

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Massacre3964d ago

blu-ray is even giving HDD creators their run for their money amd here we are with another format been introduced already ?

decapitator3964d ago

Man I just hope there isn't another silly format war

resistance1003964d ago


they won't, none of the major studio's will back it, not after the problems caused by the HD-DVD/Blu-ray war, the studios' want a HD film format simply because dvd sales are decreasing and they want to make more money again. If they started backing this again, consumers will just inore HD all together

pwnsause3963d ago

they're over a year late, they cant do anything now.

Danja3964d ago

maybe they should give M$ a what Toshiba

Chubear3964d ago

Don't even joke... they probably have lol

tidus0073964d ago

and so would be MS in some years.

Nothing can fight SONY/PS3/BLU RAY

TheExodus3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Studios have already begun hedging their bets with Blu-ray by including digital copies with regular DVDs. This article just leaves me wondering whether Toshiba bowed out of the HD format war because they couldn't envision a strategy to beat Blu-ray, or were they looking further down the road at this train wreck of HD formats heading our way.

Chubear3964d ago

I thought Blu-ray was dead cause of Downloads but this comes on the scene and all of a sudden it has a chance uh? OK. lol

tidus0073964d ago

not before that

Blu Ray is the future

The only thing that is dead is MS x360 in europe and worldwide

Mr Playboy3964d ago

You are so desperate


Electronic Arts3964d ago

What the hell kind of name is HD VMD? Im sticking to Blu Ray

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