Haze Been Offered For Free In The US/Canada

Gamestop's in the US and Canada have been sending out flyers to inform those interested in Haze that they can basically get the game free upon release. There is a catch though, as they will have to bring the game back after a week. The flyer (which you can see at the link) states that those that put down their money for the game early will be given the offer to return the game after a weeks play for a full refund in store credit.

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Neo-Delta3966d ago

Isn't that just renting, lol...

sonarus3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

haha this is fantastic. However i doubt i will be done with haze in a week considering the online features and the 4 player coop. I get the feeling this game is going to be good. I am guessing Ubisoft would have to sanction a thing like this and to offer a 1 week return shows tremendous confidence in ur product

zdonit3966d ago

Renting still costs money though, so this is a bit better. I am sure Gamestop are hoping many people forget to return though :S

fusionboxer3966d ago

Actually EB/Gamestop are most likely hoping that gamers BRING BACK haze in one week.

Reason is that the flyer says you get store credit meaning no matter what, your money is already spent and it's just a matter of buying Haze or something else. On top of that EB will be able to stockpile a bunch of used hazes which in turn mean more potential sales of their game informer 10% off used games edge card.

Nevertheless if this is true i'll simply wait for the used copy so I can get my discount off as i'm sure many (if marketed well) will go for this deal.

Proxy3966d ago

"I'd like to return my copy of Haze."
"Thank You, you've received store credit."
"Hey, do you by any chance have a used copy of Haze?"
"Actually, we just got one in, and it's only 40$. Here you go."
"Thanks! What a great deal!"

rayzorn3966d ago

damn man you just made me laugh harder than i have in the past year. thanks lmfao

Guwapo773966d ago

The only problem with that is those that been to Gamestop knows, new releases MIGHT drop $5.

I thought I was going to pick up a used copy of Burnout for about $40. Yeah regular price $62.99, used $55.99.

wow4u3966d ago


Ask yourself: Who is paying for this? And, why are they doing it?

It is clear that the Publisher/Developer is financing this. The retailer has no incentive to do this with Haze over another title. So, why choose Haze? Because the Publisher/Dev is paying them for this.

So, the second question: Why?

So that they can get Haze onto the sales charts. Frankly, this is just like the CD&BOOK industry do. They BUY THEIR OWN PRODUCT, that way, they get listed on Top-Sales charts.

It an make the product appear to be desired; "A Top Ten Title!!1!" and such.

This is a very very very shifty move by the Publisher/Dev. to buy their way to good press.

Perhaps they made a deal with EBGames in order to get them to increase their original purchase-order.

Something like: "If you buy 100,000 copies for the shift date, we'll give you them for $5-off normal wholesale price" -- then, when Haze is returned to used stock at EBGames, it becomes revenue-neutral for them to do this.


Anyone who thinks this is a POSITIVE thing are fooling themselves. This is a very very very dirty trick.

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Chubear3966d ago

I remember EB games and some others had the same type of promo for a couple of anticipated games.

One that dashes to mind is god of war II which had the same offer when I got it but I never returned it within the time frame and I doubt many people did either.

It's a nice hook that's all.

Torch3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Yeah, you took the words right outta my mouth.

I specifically remember this deal EB Games Canada was offering last March with the release of God of War II...I remember doing a double-take when the clerk mentioned it to me, and reiterated to him twice to make sure I wasn't missing something.

By the way, not only did that copy not make it back to the store since it was a gift for my twelve-year-old cousin (whose YET to finish the game...DAMN that giant Medusa blob!), but I ended up with my own personal copy as part of my birthday gift one week later.

Haze on the other hand...that may be well worth the offer, especially considering that the game's quality is still unproven, and I did have an interest in it...though primarily early on, and the delays-upon-delay has somewhat put a damper on that initial appeal.

Yup, I think I'm gonna bite!

(Bubbles to zdonit for this great little tip!)

wow4u3966d ago


That might make sense, if Haze was anticipated. It looks wholly uninteresting. Medicore and derivitive is being generous.

Danja3966d ago

ohh so basically we get to rent the game for free...then if we like it we but it...

was planning to buy it on day one ne ways.

Douche3966d ago

I have a feeling Free Radical and Gamestop are just that confident with Haze. I've already got it pre-ordered the full amount. Looks like a pretty win-win scenario. I'm sure I'll be keeping it though.

Cwalat3966d ago

After a week ppl won't mind keeping this game when seeing how great the online is, then they won't have to return the game cause they already paid. :D smart Free Radical.

smokeymicpot3966d ago

This is not a bad idea. Its a rental but also its able to store your money for MGS4 so you don't spend it.

mithril3966d ago

@Neo-Delta - Isn't that just renting, lol...
it's a renting for free because the store refund full price.

but the real deal is wait one week before buy and buy a one week used copy for less ;)

probably all this used copy sold with rebate ?